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Creation of Rydberg Polarons in a Bose Gas.
Spectroscopic observation of Rydberg polarons in an atomic Bose gas is reported and a functional determinant approach (FDA) is described that solves an extended Fröhlich Hamiltonian for a mobile impurity in a BoseGas.
Theory of excitation of Rydberg polarons in an atomic quantum gas
We present a quantum many-body description of the excitation spectrum of Rydberg polarons in a Bose gas. The many-body Hamiltonian is solved with a functional determinant approach, and we extend this
Defensive behaviour with stiff-legged posture in the Brazilian tree toads Dendrophryniscus brevipollicatus and D. leucomystax (Anura, Bufonidae)
We observed death feigning with stiff-legged posture in several individuals of the Brazilian tree toads Dendrophryniscus brevipollicatus and D. leucomystax. This behaviour was formerly described for
Scinax nasicus, hyla albomarginata, hyla bischoffi and Phyllomedusa distincta (tree frogs): Avian predation
Departamento de Zoologia Instituto de Biociencias Universidade Estadual Paulista, Caixa Postal 199, Rio Claro, SP, CEP 13506-970
Deceleration of a calcium atomic beam with a frequency-doubled diode laser.
A calcium atomic beam has been decelerated by a single extended-cavity diode laser, frequency doubled to 423 nm. A potassium niobate crystal is placed in an external power buildup cavity, and the
Producing Quantum Degenerate Gases of Strontium 1 FRAN
performance of our broad-line (461 nm, 30.5 MHz), narrow-line (689 nm, 7.5 kHz) magneto-optical traps, and examine evaporative cooling for all four isotopes. The new apparatus will be used to create
Deceleration of a calcium atomic beam by a frequency-doubled diode laser
Deceleration of an atomic beam of calcium was achieved by using the radiation of a frequency double diode laser at 845.2 nm using the Zeeman technique to keep the laser in resonance with the atomic transition during the cooling process.
System for high-resolution spectroscopy on laser-cooled calcium atoms
High-resolution spectroscopy of calcium is attractive for several reasons and has been performed by a number of groups. A strong dipole-allowed /sup 1/S/sub 0/-/sup 3/P/sub 1/ transition at 423 nm
Exper imental System to Flame Temperatures Measurements Using Diode Laser Spectroscopy
The aim of this work is the development of a non-intrusive multiplexed diode-laser sensor system to determine the temperature in combustion processes. Since water is one of the main combustion