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The socioecology of elephants: analysis of the processes creating multitiered social structures
In this paper, we investigate the formation and function of the multilevelled, fission–fusion social structure in a free-ranging African elephant, Loxodonta africana, population. We quantitativelyExpand
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Accelerated Human Population Growth at Protected Area Edges
Protected areas (PAs) have long been criticized as creations of and for an elite few, where associated costs, but few benefits, are borne by marginalized rural communities. Contrary to predictions ofExpand
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A synthesis of two decades of research documenting the effects of noise on wildlife
Global increases in environmental noise levels – arising from expansion of human populations, transportation networks, and resource extraction – have catalysed a recent surge of research into theExpand
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The dynamics of animal social networks: analytical, conceptual, and theoretical advances
Social network analysis provides a broad and complex perspective on animal sociality that is widely applicable to almost any species. Recent applications demonstrate the utility of network analysisExpand
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Characterising the impacts of emerging energy development on wildlife, with an eye towards mitigation.
Global demand for energy is projected to increase by 40% in the next 20 years, and largely will be met with alternative and unconventional sources. Development of these resources causes novelExpand
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Illegal killing for ivory drives global decline in African elephants
Significance Illegal harvest for commercial trade has recently surged to become a major threat to some of the world’s most endangered and charismatic species. Unfortunately, the cryptic nature ofExpand
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Devastating Decline of Forest Elephants in Central Africa
African forest elephants– taxonomically and functionally unique–are being poached at accelerating rates, but we lack range-wide information on the repercussions. Analysis of the largest surveyExpand
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Breeding phenology in relation to NDVI variability in free‐ranging African elephant
The phenology of reproduction is often correlated with resource availability and is hypothesized to be shaped by selective forces in order to maximize lifetime reproductive success. African elephantsExpand
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Behavioural reactions of elephants towards a dying and deceased matriarch
The extent to which elephants hold behavioural traits in common with human beings is relevant to the ethics of how we treat them. Observations show that elephants, like humans, are concerned withExpand
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Practical guidance on characterizing availability in resource selection functions under a use-availability design.
We examined the influence of availability on statistical inference through simulations and analysis of serially correlated mule deer GPS data. Expand
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