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Development of segmented Ge detectors for future γ-ray arrays
The EUROBALL Cluster detector is composed of seven encapsulated Ge detectors in a common cryostat with a total volume of 2000 ccm of HP Gemanium. The development and the performance of the ClusterExpand
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In-beam study of 80Kr; Quasiparticle excitations in nuclei around mass 80
Abstract The excited states in 80 Kr have been studied in the reactions 77 Se(α, n), 78 Se(α, 2n), 80 Se(α, 4n) and 65 Cu( 18 O, p2n) by using in-beam γ-ray spectroscopy. In addition toExpand
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Collectivity and the role of two-proton and two-neutron excitations in 82Kr
Abstract Excited states in 82 Kr have been studied in the reaction 80 Se(α, 2n) by using in-beam γ-ray spectroscopy. Measurements of γγ coincidences, excitation functions, angular distributions andExpand
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Three-quasiparticle excitations in 79Kr
Abstract Excited states in 79Kr have been investigated up to spin 27 2 using techniques of in-beam γ-ray spectroscopy. Mean lifetimes of 33 levels have been determined applying Doppler-shift and γ-RFExpand
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Rotational bands in $sup 185$Os and $sup 187$Os
Levels in 167Tm excited in the reaction 165Ho(α, 2nγ)167Tm
Abstract Using in-beam techniques the γ-radiation following the reaction 165 Ho(α, 2nγ) 167 Tm has been studied with germanium detectors. Measurements of energies and intensities, angularExpand
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In-beam study of74Br and a first cascade in75Kr
An in-beam study of74Br has been carried out using γ-ray spectroscopy in connection with the reactions (3He,p2in) and (d,2n) on74Se targets. Separate level schemes on top of the two β-decayingExpand
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