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Infiltration, macroporosity, and mesoporosity distributions on two forested watersheds
Macro- and mesopore processes substantially control the subsurface flow in forested watersheds. Limited field scale information is available on spatial variability of macropore infiltration and
A multiple-pore-region concept to modeling mass transfer in subsurface media
Abstract Recent studies in soil science literature have strongly indicated the need to incorporate pore structures in near-surface mass transport modeling. There is increasing evidence suggesting
Quantifying relative contributions from sediment sources in Conservation Effects Assessment Project watersheds
A technique using the relationship between the naturally occurring radionuclide tracers, 7Be and 210Pbxs, was used to differentiate eroded surface soils and channel-derived sediments in the fine
Physical and chemical controls of preferred path flow through a forested hillslope
Abstract Investigations of the physical and chemical characteristics of macropores and mesopores at two forested sites established for subsurface transport research are summarized. The hydrologically
The Role of Subsurface Flow in Hillslope and Stream Bank Erosion: A Review
Sediment is one of the most common causes of stream impairment. Great progress has been made in understanding the processes of soil erosion due to surface runoff and incorporating these in prediction
Measuring streambank erosion due to ground water seepage: correlation to bank pore water pressure, precipitation and stream stage
Limited information exists on one of the mechanisms governing sediment input to streams: streambank erosion by ground water seepage. The objective of this research was to demonstrate the importance
The carry-over effects from one year to the next of surface residue and tillage management decisions on runoff and erosion are not clear. The dynamics of runoff and erosion processes during rainfall
Soil properties controlling seepage erosion contributions to streambank failure
The majority of sediment leaving catchments may be from streambank failure. Seepage erosion of unconsolidated sand above a restrictive layer is an important erosion process in incised streams that