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Extinction and the Anatidae of New Zealand
The historical and present status of each species of Anatidae found in New Zealand is described and causes of change are discussed. Of 19 native or self-introduced species believed to have bred, fiveExpand
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The Growth of Pseudomonas putida in AVTUR Aviation Turbine Fuel
Bacteria isolated from aviation turbine fuel (AVTUR) grew rapidly using the jet fuel as the sole source of carbon and energy. One organism, identified as a Pseudomonas putida survived in the fuelExpand
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Studies on the Toxicity of Biocides towards Mould and Sapstain Fungi
Toxicity tests were carried out to determine the biocidal effectiveness of sodium pentachlorophenoxide (NaPCP) and methylene-bis-thiocyanate (MBT) on a range of mould and sapstain fungi. The resultsExpand
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Apple varieties for Virginia.
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