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Vegetation structure and environmental conditions of forest edges in Panama.
SUMMARY (1) Micro-environmental conditions, vegetation structure and tree mortality in five forest edges ten months to twelve years old were studied in the tropical premontane wet forest of Panama.Expand
Biodiversity loss in Latin American coffee landscapes: review of the evidence on ants, birds, and trees.
Studies have documented biodiversity losses due to intensification of coffee management (reduction in canopy richness and complexity). Nevertheless, questions remain regarding relative sensitivity ofExpand
Tree species richness complementarity, disturbance and fragmentation in a Mexican tropical montane cloud forest
Tropical montane cloud forest exhibits great heterogeneity in speciescomposition and structure over short geographic distances. In central Veracruz,Mexico, the conservation priority of seven cloudExpand
Phenology of temperate trees in tropical climates
Several North American broad-leaved tree species range from the northern United States at ∼47°N to moist tropical montane forests in Mexico and Central America at 15–20°N. Along this gradient theExpand
Anthropogenic disturbance and tree diversity in Montane Rain Forests in Chiapas, Mexico
Abstract We studied the influence of anthropogenic disturbance on forest structure and composition in the highly populated Montane Rain Forests of northern Chiapas, Mexico. We evaluated speciesExpand
Tree species diversity and vegetation structure in shade coffee farms in Veracruz, Mexico
Abstract Using 15 shade coffee farms and two forest reserves located in central Veracruz, Mexico, we evaluated how tree vegetation structure and richness changed as a function of management type andExpand
Distribution and stand characteristics of relict populations of Mexican beech (Fagus grandifolia var. mexicana)
Fagus grandifolia var. mexicana (Mexican beech) is limited to about 10 populations (2–35 ha) in the Sierra Madre Oriental, Mexico. The objectives were to assess the current status and distribution ofExpand
Microenvironment and Floristics of Different Edges in a Fragmented Tropical Rainforest
Understanding edge effects in different remnants of natural vegetation is crucial for the management of many fragmented landscapes. We compared edges of different wooded habitats in a fragmentedExpand
Local knowledge helps select species for forest restoration in a tropical dry forest of central Veracruz, Mexico
Species for restoration forestry on degraded lands in the tropics are often restricted to a few well-known exotic timber species. This selection frequently leads to failed projects, as local peopleExpand