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Holocene coastal glaciation of Alaska
Holocene #uctuations of the three cirque glaciers on the Seward Peninsula and "ve groups of tidewater- and land-terminating glaciers along the northernmost Gulf of Alaska, provide a proxy record ofExpand
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Holocene glacier fluctuations
A global overview of glacier advances and retreats (grouped by regions and by millennia) for the Holocene is compiled from previous studies. The reconstructions of glacier fluctuations are based onExpand
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Holocene glacier fluctuations in Alaska
Abstract This review summarizes forefield and lacustrine records of glacier fluctuations in Alaska during the Holocene. Following retreat from latest Pleistocene advances, valley glaciers withExpand
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Century to millennial-scale temperature variations for the last two thousand years indicated from glacial geologic records of Southern Alaska
Abstract Comparisons of temperature sensitive climate proxy records with tree-ring, lichen and radiocarbon dated histories from land-terminating, non-surging glaciers for the last two millennia fromExpand
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Boreal temperature variability inferred from maximum latewood density and tree-ring width data, Wrangell Mountain region, Alaska
Abstract Variations in both width and density of annual rings from a network of tree chronologies were used to develop high-resolution proxies to extend the climate record in the Wrangell MountainExpand
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Tree-ring-dated‘Little Ice Age’ histories of maritime glaciers from western Prince William Sound, Alaska
Tree-ring studies at 13 glacier forefields in western Prince William Sound show‘Little Ice Age’ glacial fluctuations were strongly synchronous on decadal timescales. Cross-dated glacially overrunExpand
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Surface air temperature variability reconstructed with tree rings for the Gulf of Alaska over the past 1200 years
A 1200-year-long tree-ring width record from living and subfossil mountain hemlock wood is used to reconstruct February through August temperatures for the Gulf of Alaska, providing a record of pastExpand
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Late Holocene glacier fluctuations in the Wrangell Mountains, Alaska
Four intervals of late Holocene glacier advance are recognized from study of nine valley glaciers in the Wrangell and westernmost St. Elias Mountains of Alaska. The oldest glacial advance isExpand
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Late Holocene, high-resolution glacial chronologies and climate, Kenai Mountains, Alaska
Recent retreat of outlet glaciers from the Harding and Grewingk-Yalik Icefields has revealed a vast array of deposits on the eastern and western flanks of the Kenai Mountains that records multipleExpand
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Divergent tree growth response to recent climatic warming, Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, Alaska
[1] Many dendroclimatic studies have been conducted in Alaska to understand recent climate changes, identify past and current warming trends, and determine how climate change may influenceExpand
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