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Infliximab maintenance therapy for fistulizing Crohn's disease.
Patients with fistulizing Crohn's disease who have a response to induction therapy with inflIXimab have an increased likelihood of a sustained response over a 54-week period if infliximab treatment is continued every 8 weeks.
Treatment of ulcerative colitis with a humanized antibody to the alpha4beta7 integrin.
In this short-term study, MLN02 was more effective than placebo for the induction of clinical and endoscopic remission in patients with active ulcerative colitis.
Treatment of active Crohn's disease with MLN0002, a humanized antibody to the alpha4beta7 integrin.
This phase 2 study was suggestive of a dose-dependent beneficial effect of MLN0002 therapy on clinical remission and well tolerated in patients with active Crohn's disease.
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Characteristics Among African Americans, Hispanics, and Non-Hispanic Whites: Characterization of a Large North American Cohort
There are racial differences in IBD family history, disease location and behavior, surgical history, and EIMs that may reflect underlying genetic variations and have important implications for diagnosis and management of disease.
Clinical, biological, and histologic parameters as predictors of relapse in ulcerative colitis.
BACKGROUND & AIMS Ulcerative colitis (UC) is a chronic relapsing inflammatory bowel disease. We aimed to assess whether clinical, biological, and histologic parameters in quiescent UC predict time to
CARD15 genetic variation in a Quebec population: prevalence, genotype-phenotype relationship, and haplotype structure.
Analysis of the relationship between genotype and phenotype convincingly demonstrates that CARD15 variants are significantly associated with ileal disease involvement, as opposed to strictly colonic disease (P<.001), and shows that CARD 15 involvement with CD is detectable by use of publicly available SNPs alone.
Methotrexate for the treatment of Crohn's disease. The North American Crohn's Study Group Investigators.
In a group of patients with chronically active Crohn's disease, methotrexate was more effective than placebo in improving symptoms and reducing requirements for prednisone.
Patient nonadherence to medication in inflammatory bowel disease
It is suggested that the therapeutic relationship, as well as individual clinical and psychosocial characteristics, influence adherence to medication.
Psychological distress, social support, and disease activity in patients with inflammatory bowel disease
Findings suggest that strategies aimed at improving social support can have a favorable impact on psychological distress and, ultimately, can improve health outcomes in patients with IBD.
A comparison of methotrexate with placebo for the maintenance of remission in Crohn's disease. North American Crohn's Study Group Investigators.
In patients with Crohn's disease who enter remission after treatment with methotrexate, a low dose of methotRexate maintains remission.