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Using Foucault's Methods
Using Foucault's Methods provides a clear, straightforward guide to those who want to apply the work of Foucault to their own field of interest. The authors employ an accessible style to encourageExpand
Foucault and Law: Towards a Sociology of Law as Governance
Description: An inspirational work that will change the way we think about the legal order.' Professor Pat O'Malley, La Trobe University 'This lively and lucid book will do much to show theExpand
Governance and failure: on the limits of sociology
Failure is an ubiquitous and central feature of social life. Yet much sociological inquiry focuses not on failure but on success. This paper adopts a sceptical approach to sociological theory,Expand
Hobbes’s commitment to society as a product of sovereignty: A basis for a Hobbesian sociology
There is a commitment in Thomas Hobbes’s work which is largely neglected by sociology, a commitment to society as a product of sovereignty. Hobbes makes this commitment in line with his stridentExpand
Understanding Culture: Cultural Studies, Order, Ordering
Understanding Culture offers an accessible and comprehensive overview of the field of cultural studies whilst also proposing a different way of `doing' cultural studies. It focuses on the ways inExpand
Power and power analysis: beyond Foucault?
This paper is an attempt to develop a framework for non-essentialist power analysis. By ‘non-essentialist analysis’ I mean analysis which does not understand its object in terms of an all-importantExpand
Calculating ‘Public Interest’: Common Law and the Legal Governance of the Environment
Drawing inspiration from O’Malley’s very recent attempt to introduce greater subtlety into governmentality thinking about the operation of the common law of contract (O’Malley, 2000), this articleExpand
The Foucaultian framework
Michel Foucault (1926–1984) produced a body of work that is hard to fit within a singular discipline. His own sense of what he was – a philosopher who used fragments of history to examine and disturbExpand
Rethinking law, society and governance: Foucault’s bequest
Transforming images - society, law and critique, George Pavlich. Part 1 Genealogical entries - governance, the social and the colonies: genealogy, systemization and resistance in "advancedExpand
The social must be limited
Focusing on Foucault's distinction between an older, superseded model — the juridical/sovereignty model — and a newer one — which he refers to by a variety of names, such as disciplinary bio-power,Expand