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Developmental states in East Asia
The book analyses and evaluates the development role and impact of the state in East Asia, in both capitalist (South Korea and Taiwan) and socialist (China) contexts. It makes use of new researchExpand
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Riding the Tiger: The Politics of Economic Reform in Post-Mao China
Acknowledgements - Abbreviations - Introduction - The Failure of the Maoist Developmental State and The Rise of the Economic Reformers - Redefining the Chinese Developmental State: An Overview - TheExpand
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The East Asian welfare model : welfare orientalism and the state
For many politicians and observers in the West, East Asia has provided a broad range of positive images of the state's intervention in society. Neoliberals grew excited by popular welfare systemsExpand
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Network Analysis and Ethnographic Problems: Process Models of a Turkish Nomad Clan
1 Introduction:Networks, Ethnography and Emergence Chapter 2 Problems of Analysis Chapter 3 Ethnographic Setting 4 Theories, Rules and Exceptions Chapter 5 Network Models and Complexity: Measures,Expand
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In Search of Civil Society: Market Reform and Social Change in Contemporary China
Since 1978, China has pursued sweeping economic changes in an officially sponsored transition from a Stalinist centrally planned economy to a socialist market economy. China's reformers haveExpand
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Civil society, democratization and development (I): Clearing the analytical ground
This is the first section of a two‐part article investigating the relationship between civil society and the recent wave of democratization in developing countries. It highlights the ambiguity of theExpand
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Developmental States and Markets in East Asia: An Introduction
For Friedrich List, concerned above all with how Germany could develop manufacturing industry at a time when British manufacturers were sweeping all before them, the distinction between these twoExpand
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The Politics of Economic Reform in Chinese Industry: The Introduction of the Labour Contract System*
This article sets out to further our understanding of the politics of economic reform in China by focusing on just one area - labour- and within that, one specific policy-the attempted introductionExpand
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Chinese Trade Unions in the Transition from Socialism: Towards Corporatism or Civil Society?
The article explores the changing role of China's trade unions in the era of post-Mao economic reform in the light of two alternative scenarios of organizational evolution—corporatism and civilExpand
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