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Torsion of a Shaft with a Toroidal Cavity
This paper gives the solution to the torsion problem for a near‐cylindrical shaft of circular section having a toroidal cavity. Since the interpretation of the axially symmetric problem as a flow
Abstract : The subject theory combines new methods for the computation of machine parts and equipment components with a consideration of phenomena significantly affected by the structural
Approximated Fundamental Frequency for Thin Circular Plates Clamped or Pinned at the Edge
Calculating the exact solution to the differential equations that describe the motion of a circular plate clamped or pinned at the edge, is laborious. The calculations include the Bessel functions
Osculating conic biarcs
The method is used to solve an interpolation task of Hermite type whose input consists of a series of points with their curvature circles and another series of intermediate points and the output is a G C 2 spline curve with conic arc segments.
A New Formula to Calculate the Fundamental Frequency of a Multistory Building by Approximate Numerical Method
  • G. Weiss
  • Vibration and Control of Continuous Systems
  • 5 November 2000
A new formula has been developed in this study, to calculate the fundamental frequency of a multistory building. This formula is derived from Dunkerley’s estimate, complies with the requirements of