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Metamorphic InAlAs/InGaAs HEMTs on GaAs substrates with a novel composite channels design
We report on fabrication and performance of novel 0.13 /spl mu/m T-gate metamorphic InAlAs/InGaAs HEMTs on GaAs substrates with composite InGaAs channels, combining the superior transport propertiesExpand
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High-power near-diffraction-limited tapered amplifiers at 1064 nm for optical intersatellite communications
The realization of high-power tapered amplifiers at 1064 nm on a low-modal gain structure is presented. More than 1.5-W continuous-wave optical output power at 3-A injection current is achieved withExpand
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Magnetoresistance oscillations in a two-dimensional electron gas induced by a submicrometer periodic potential
A new type of magnetoresistance oscillation periodic in 1/B is observed when the carrier density Ns of a two-dimensional electron gas is weakly modulated with a period smaller than the mean free pathExpand
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A 220 GHz metamorphic HEMT amplifier MMIC
We present the development of two 220 GHz low-noise amplifier (LNA) MMIC's for use in high-resolution active and passive millimeter-wave imaging systems. The amplifier circuits have been realizedExpand
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Oxide desorption from InP under stabilizing pressures of P2 or As4
The oxide desorption processes of InP have been investigated under molecular‐beam epitaxy conditions, determining thickness and composition of the surface layer by x‐ray photoelectron spectroscopyExpand
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Monolithic and hybrid integrated GaAs-based photoreceivers for 40 Gbit/s optical communication
40 Gbit/s 1.55 /spl mu/m photoreceivers were manufactured using GaAs-based HEMT distributed amplifiers. The photoreceivers include either a integrated surface-illuminated PIN or a flip-chip mountedExpand
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High-brightness tapered semiconductor laser oscillators and amplifiers with low-modal gain epilayer-structures
The dependence of the beam quality of tapered laser oscillators and amplifiers on the modal optical gain is demonstrated experimentally and theoretically for the first time. Tapered devices withExpand
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Excitonic transitions and exciton damping processes in InGaAs/InP
Detailed absorption measurements and the analysis of the absorption spectra of In1−xGaxAs lattice matched to InP are reported. The lattice matching parameter Δa/a covered a range from +4×10−3 toExpand
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Metamorphic H-Band Low-Noise Amplifier MMICs
In this paper, we present the development of H-band (220 -325 GHz) low-noise amplifier MMICs for use in next generation high-resolution imaging systems. The amplifier circuits have been realizedExpand
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