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Yago: a core of semantic knowledge
YAGO builds on entities and relations and currently contains more than 1 million entities and 5 million facts, which includes the Is-A hierarchy as well as non-taxonomic relations between entities (such as HASONEPRIZE). Expand
Robust Disambiguation of Named Entities in Text
A robust method for collective disambiguation is presented, by harnessing context from knowledge bases and using a new form of coherence graph that significantly outperforms prior methods in terms of accuracy, with robust behavior across a variety of inputs. Expand
YAGO2: A Spatially and Temporally Enhanced Knowledge Base from Wikipedia: Extended Abstract
YAGO2, an extension of the YAGO knowledge base, is presented, in which entities, facts, and events are anchored in both time and space, and the extraction methodology and the integration of the spatio-temporal dimension are presented. Expand
The RDF-3X engine for scalable management of RDF data
The RDF-3X engine is presented, an implementation of SPARQL that achieves excellent performance by pursuing a RISC-style architecture with streamlined indexing and query processing, and can outperform the previously best alternatives by one or two orders of magnitude. Expand
RDF-3X: a RISC-style engine for RDF
The salient points of RDF-3X are a generic solution for storing and indexing RDF triples that completely eliminates the need for physical-design tuning, a powerful yet simple query processor that leverages fast merge joins to the largest possible extent, and a query optimizer for choosing optimal join orders using a cost model based on statistical synopses for entire join paths. Expand
YAGO: A Large Ontology from Wikipedia and WordNet
YAGO is a large ontology with high coverage and precision, based on a clean logical model with a decidable consistency that allows representing n-ary relations in a natural way while maintaining compatibility with RDFS. Expand
The LRU-K page replacement algorithm for database disk buffering
The LRU-K algorithm surpasses conventional buffering algorithms in discriminating between frequently and infrequently referenced pages, and adapts in real time to changing patterns of access. Expand
Transactional Information Systems: Theory, Algorithms, and the Practice of Concurrency Control and Recovery
The book gives both a comprehensive overview and an in-depth presentation of the field of transactional data processing covering the latest findings of the research community as well as practicalExpand
YAGO2: exploring and querying world knowledge in time, space, context, and many languages
We present YAGO2, an extension of the YAGO knowledge base with focus on temporal and spatial knowledge. It is automatically built from Wikipedia, GeoNames, and WordNet, and contains nearly 10 millionExpand
PATTY: A Taxonomy of Relational Patterns with Semantic Types
PATTY is a large resource for textual patterns that denote binary relations between entities that are semantically typed and organized into a subsumption taxonomy that harnesses the rich type system and entity population of large knowledge bases. Expand