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Spectroscopy and photometry of elliptical galaxies. I: a new distance estimator
On presente des donnees cinematiques et photometriques concernant 97 galaxies elliptiques, membres de six amas riches
Spatially resolved spectroscopy of Coma cluster early-type galaxies III. The stellar population gradients ?
Based on Paper I of this series (Mehlert et al. 2000), we derive central values and logarithmic gradients for the H, Mg and Fe indices of 35 early-type galaxies in the Coma cluster. We find that pure
NOAO Fundamental Plane Survey. I. Survey Design, Redshifts, and Velocity Dispersion Data
We introduce the NOAO Fundamental Plane Survey (NFPS), a wide-field imaging/spectroscopic study of rich, low-redshift galaxy clusters. The survey targets X-ray–selected clusters at 0.010 < z < 0.067,
NOAO Fundamental Plane Survey. II. Age and Metallicity along the Red Sequence from Line-Strength Data
We present spectroscopic line-strength data for 4097 red-sequence galaxies in 93 low-redshift galaxy clusters and use these to investigate variations in average stellar populations as a function of
Global Scaling Relations for Elliptical Galaxies and Implications for Formation
Two recent surveys of elliptical galaxy structural properties are described. E galaxies are seen to populate a planar distribution in the global logarithmic parameter space (R e , σ e , I e ).
The quadruple gravitational lens PG 1115+080: Time delays and models
Optical photometry is presented for the quadruple gravitational lens PG 1115+080. A preliminary reduction of data taken from 1995 November to 1996 June gives component C leading component B by 23.7 ?
The WARPS Survey. II. The log N-log S Relation and the X-Ray Evolution of Low-Luminosity Clusters of Galaxies
The strong negative evolution observed in previous X-ray-selected surveys of clusters of galaxies is evidence in favor of hierarchical models of the growth of structure in the universe. A large