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Investigation of Koi Herpesvirus Latency in Koi
ABSTRACT Koi herpesvirus (KHV) has recently been classified as a member of the family of Alloherpesviridae within the order of Herpesvirales. One of the unique features of Herpesviridae is latentExpand
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Bactericidal activity of black silicon
Black silicon is a synthetic nanomaterial that contains high aspect ratio nanoprotrusions on its surface, produced through a simple reactive-ion etching technique for use in photovoltaicExpand
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Determination of the spring constants of probes for force microscopy/spectroscopy
A direct, accurate and convenient procedure for calibrating the spring constants of probes used for force microscopy/spectroscopy is described. It amounts to deflecting an 'unknown' cantilever with aExpand
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Selective bactericidal activity of nanopatterned superhydrophobic cicada Psaltoda claripennis wing surfaces
The nanopattern on the surface of Clanger cicada (Psaltoda claripennis) wings represents the first example of a new class of biomaterials that can kill bacteria on contact based solely on itsExpand
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Natural nano-structures on insects—possible functions of ordered arrays characterized by atomic force microscopy
Naturally occurring nano-structures is a much-neglected, but potentially rich, source of products that meet specifications imposed by natural selection. While the pharmaceutical industry has longExpand
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Scanning force microscopy - Calibrative procedures for 'best practice'
Scanning force microscopy (SFM) is gaining rapidly in popularity as a convenient and versatile tool for characterising and manipulating a great variety of physical and biological systems. Expand
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Effects of Aqueous Exposure on the Mechanical Properties of Wool Fibers—Analysis by Atomic Force Microscopy
Treated and untreated wool fibers are analyzed by methodologies based on atomic force microscopy. Untreated fibers are known to have an intact native surface lipid layer, while KOH treatment has theExpand
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Tribology of diamond-like carbon films from generic fabrication routes investigated by lateral force microscopy
The tribological characteristics of diamond-like carbon (DLC) films have been studied by lateral force microscopy (LFM). Specimens from two fabrication routes, ion-beam assisted deposition andExpand
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Compound Microstructures and Wax Layer of Beetle Elytral Surfaces and Their Influence on Wetting Properties
A beetles’ first line of defense against environmental hazards is their mesothoracic elytra – rigid, protective forewings. In order to study the interaction of these wings with water, the surfaceExpand
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Contrasting Micro/Nano Architecture on Termite Wings: Two Divergent Strategies for Optimising Success of Colonisation Flights
Many termite species typically fly during or shortly after rain periods. Local precipitation will ensure water will be present when establishing a new colony after the initial flight. Here we showExpand
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