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A Course of Modern Analysis
THE treatise now under notice, which appears as a second edition of a former treatise by one of the authors, is in all essential respects a new work. Its scope has been extended in many directions,Expand
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A Course of Modern Analysis: An Introduction to the General Theory of Infinite Processes and of Analytic Functions; with an Account of the Principal Transcendental Functions
THE first edition of this admirable and well-known treatise was the single-handed work of Prof. Whittaker, and was published in 1902. Into the second edition, which was published thirteen years laterExpand
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The Diffraction of Electric Waves by the Earth
During the last 15 years, the problem of determining the effect at a distant point of the earth’s surface due to a Hertzian oscillator emitting waves of a definite frequency has been the subject ofExpand
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The Transmission of Electric Waves Round the Earth
On the hypothesis that the Earth consists of an imperfectly conducting sphere surrounded by infinite homogeneous dielectric, I have recently obtained a complete solution (in a form adapted forExpand
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A Theory of Asymptotic Series
In their efforts to place mathematical analysis on the firm est possible foundations, Abel and Cauchy found it necessary to banish non-convergent series from their work ; from that time until aExpand
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