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238 U, 234 U and 232 Th in seawater
We have developed techniques to determine ^(238)U,^(234)U and ^(232)Th concentrations in seawater by isotope dilution mass spectrometry. U measurements are made using a ^(233)U-^(236)U double spikeExpand
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Nucleosynthesis in asymptotic giant branch stars: Relevance for galactic enrichment and solar system formation
▪ Abstract We present a review of nucleosynthesis in AGB stars outlining the development of theoretical models and their relationship to observations. We focus on the new high resolution codes with...
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Rare earth element transport in the western North Atlantic inferred from Nd isotopic observations
The isotopic composition of Nd in the water column from several western North Atlantic sites and formational areas for North Atlantic Deep Water shows extensive vertical structure at all locations.Expand
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The Eastern Mediterranean paleoclimate as a reflection of regional events: Soreq cave, Israel
The climate of the Eastern Mediterranean region of the last 60 ky was determined by a high resolution study of the oxygen and carbon isotopic composition (1500 measurement pairs) of speleothems fromExpand
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U-Th-Pb systematics in three Apollo 14 basalts and the problem of initial Pb in lunar rocks.
The isotopic composition of Pb and the elemental concentration of U, Th and Pb were measured on ‘total’ rock samples 14053, 14073 and 14310 and on mineral separates of 14310 and 14053. Sample #73Expand
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Rate-controlled calcium isotope fractionation in synthetic calcite
The isotopic composition of Ca (Δ^(44)Ca/^(40)Ca) in calcite crystals has been determined relative to that in the parent solutions by TIMS using a double spike. Solutions were exposed to anExpand
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Precise chronology of the last interglacial period: 234U-230Th data from fossil coral reefs in the Bahamas
A detailed study of ^(238)U-^(234)U-^(230)Th ages was made for different coral species from two Bahamian reefs to determine the time scale of the sea-level high during the last interglacial period,Expand
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Diffusion of water in rhyolitic glasses.
Water dehydration experiments on rhyolitic glasses have been carried out at 400-550 degrees C under a N2 atmosphere. Concentration profiles of both H2O molecules and OH groups were measured byExpand
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Isotopic Composition of Neodymium in Waters from the Drake Passage
The isotopic composition of neodymium has been determined in seawaters from the Drake Passage. The Antarctic Circumpolar Current, which controls interocean mixing, flows through this passage. TheExpand
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Negative thermal ion mass spectrometry of osmium, rhenium, and iridium
We report on a technique for obtaining intense ion beams of negatively charged oxides of Os, Re and Ir by thermal ionization, in a conventional surface ionization mass spectrometer. It was found thatExpand
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