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High throughput sequencing analysis of biogeographical distribution of bacterial communities in the black soils of northeast China
Black soils (Mollisols) are one of the most important soil resources for maintaining food security of China and are mainly distributed in northeast China. To understand which environmental factorsExpand
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Agronomic and physiological contributions to the yield improvement of soybean cultivars released from 1950 to 2006 in Northeast China
Increasing yield is a high priority in most breeding programs. Approximately 600 soybean cultivars had been released by the end of the last century in Northeast China. Understanding the agronomic andExpand
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Soil carbon content drives the biogeographical distribution of fungal communities in the black soil zone of northeast China
Abstract Black soils (Mollisols) are one of the most important soil resources for maintaining food security in China, and they are mainly distributed in northeast China. A previous comprehensiveExpand
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Changes of bacterial community compositions after three years of biochar application in a black soil of northeast China.
Abstract Although biochar has been widely evaluated as a soil-amendment, the response of soil bacterial community to biochar addition, especially after several years’ addition, has not yet been fullyExpand
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Soybean yield physiology and development of high-yielding practices in Northeast China
Abstract Soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill), one of the most important crops in China, has been known to man for over 5000 years. Soybean production in China increased from 7.5 million Mg in 1978 toExpand
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Three years of biochar amendment alters soil physiochemical properties and fungal community composition in a black soil of northeast China
Abstract Although biochar amendment has been extensively evaluated as a promising strategy to improve soil quality, most evaluations have been conducted in the laboratory or under short-term fieldExpand
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Characterization of the Major Capsid Genes (g23) of T4-Type Bacteriophages in the Wetlands of Northeast China
To obtain genetic information and to evaluate the composition of T4-type bacteriophage (phage) communities in wetlands, environmental soil and water DNAs were obtained from two natural wetlandsExpand
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The compositional structure of highly turbulent piloted premixed flames issuing into a hot coflow
Abstract Simultaneous line measurements of major species and temperature by the Raman–Rayleigh technique, combined with CO two-photon laser-induced fluorescence and crossed-plane OH planarExpand
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Detection of Cryptosporidium and Giardia in agricultural and water environments in the Qinghai area of China by IFT and PCR
Qinghai Province in northwest China is strongly influenced by agricultural activities and is an important source of food and drinking water. Here, we present findings regarding the occurrence andExpand
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Yield components, dry matter, LAI and LAD of soybeans in Northeast China
Abstract Pod and seed number are the most important yield components of soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.]. Leaf area index (LAI), leaf area duration (LAD) and dry matter accumulation during theExpand
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