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Bridging the gap: an integrated paediatric to adult clinical service for young adults with kidney failure
Problem Transition from paediatric to adult care of young adults with chronic diseases is poorly coordinated, often delayed, and usually managed through a single referral letter. About 35% of youngExpand
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Doctors don’t Do-little: a national cross-sectional study of workplace well-being of hospital doctors in Ireland
Objectives To measure levels of occupational stress, burn-out, work–life balance, presenteeism, work ability (balance between work and personal resources) and desire to practise in trainee andExpand
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The Irish National Adverse Events Study (INAES): the frequency and nature of adverse events in Irish hospitals—a retrospective record review study
Introduction Irish healthcare has undergone extensive change recently with spending cuts and a focus on quality initiatives; however, little is known about adverse event occurrence. Objective ToExpand
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What’s up doc? A national cross-sectional study of psychological wellbeing of hospital doctors in Ireland
Objectives To measure levels of psychological distress, psychological wellbeing and self-stigma in hospital doctors in Ireland. Design National cross-sectional study of randomised sample of hospitalExpand
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Quality care, public perception and quick-fix service management: a Delphi study on stressors of hospital doctors in Ireland
Objectives To identify and rank the most significant workplace stressors to which consultants and trainees are exposed within the publicly funded health sector in Ireland. Design Following aExpand
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Profiling postgraduate workplace-based assessment implementation in Ireland: a retrospective cohort study
Abstract In 2010, workplace-based assessment (WBA) was formally integrated as a method of formative trainee assessment into 29 basic and higher specialist medical training (BST/HST) programmes in sixExpand
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A National Study of Wellbeing of Hospital Doctors in Ireland
This survey was undertaken as part of the National Study of Wellbeing of Hospital Doctors in Ireland, and was completed by 1,749 hospital doctors. The study explored the topics of lifestyleExpand
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Development and Initial Psychometric Properties of a Questionnaire to Assess Competence in Palliative Care: Palliative Care Competence Framework Questionnaire
Background: Although the provision of palliative care (PC) is fundamental to the role of the physician, little research has assessed the competence of trainee and experienced physicians in PC. Aim:Expand
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Identifying hospital-acquired infections using retrospective record review from the Irish National Adverse Events Study (INAES) and European point prevalence survey case definitions.
BACKGROUND Point prevalence surveys (PPSs) collect data on hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) at one point in time but do not provide information on incidence over the entire admission or impact onExpand
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Doctor, how can we help you? Qualitative interview study to identify key interventions to target burnout in hospital doctors
Objective To identify priority interventions for the prevention and reduction of work stress and burnout in hospital doctors through analysis of (1) doctors’ experiences of work stress and burnoutExpand
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