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Oscillation criteria for second order nonlinear differential equations with an “integrally small” coefficient
has been studied by Bhatia [ 1 J, Bobisud [ 21, Butler [3], Erbe [ 51, Kamenev [ 71, Onose [ 12-14 ], Waltman [ 15 ], and Wong [ 16 ]. The survey paper of Wong [ 171 and the more recent survey byExpand
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The prevention of plasticizer migration into nutritional emulsion mixtures by use of a novel container.
The presence of di-(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate in poly (vinyl chloride) has led to concern regarding the potential for plasticizer migration from this widely used material into fluids for infusion,Expand
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Synthesis of 3,6-dichloro-4-(2-chloro-1,1-dimethylethyl)pyridazine
Syntheses a partir de dichloro-3,6 pyridazine ou de dimethyl-4,4 oxo-2 perhydro furanne Δ2:α-acetates ou -malonates et d'hydrazine
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RELAP4/MOD7/101. Thermal & Hydraulic Phenomena
RELAP4/MOD7/101 performs best estimate analyses of nuclear reactors or related systems undergoing a transient. Transient thermal-hydraulic, two-phase phenomena are calculated from formulations ofExpand
Conjugate point properties for an even order linear differential equation
Consider an even order equation D ny 0, where D is defined recursively by Doy = y, ak,k+,Dky t(= y)D t akiD. yiwhere a.. is continuous on [0, oo), a i+1> 0, i=1,.., n1,+ a, 1, and aij =0 for j > i +Expand
The president's game
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