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Technology for producing mineral fibers by recycling ash-sludge and oil-shale wastes
The technology for recycling ash-sludge and oil shale wastes using an electro-plasma facility in the production of mineral fibers, for melting silicate-containing materials, and schemes forExpand
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Investigation of Hollow Microspheres Obtained in Thermal Plasma Jet Using Ash-Slag Wastes from CHP in Kemerovo Oblast
The processes occurring during the formation of hollow microspheres in a thermal plasma jet on the basis of ash-slag waste from CHP in Kemerovo Oblast are studied. The results of physical andExpand
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Plasma treatment of agglomerating aluminosilicate powders based on coal ash
The paper presents the results of electroplasma treatment of agglomerating aluminosilicate powders based on Ekibastuz coal ash. Plasma treatment leads to the generation of hollow and solidExpand
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Особенности формирования структурно-фазового состава микросфер на основе материалов алюмосиликатной группы
The paper focuses on aluminosilicate-based microspheres, whose shell represents an X-ray amorphous state, which significantly reduces their strength properties. However, a number of technologicalExpand
Aluminosilicate Microsphere Synthesis in Plasma Flow
The paper presents theoretical and experimental results on the synthesis of ash-based microspheres using the high-temperature plasma treatment. The dynamic motion of particles and their melting areExpand
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Surface Doping of Steel with an Intense Pulsed Electron Beam
Surface doping of AISI420 steel is carried out in a single vacuum cycle, and consisted of spraying a thin (0.5 μm) film of Zr-Ti-Cu alloy by electric-arc sputtering of a cathode of the compositionExpand
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Modification of Wood Properties by Highly-Concentrated Plasma Flow
The paper presents investigation results for coatings obtained using thermal plasma treatment of wooden products. Such parameters of plasma treatment as temperatures at different distances from theExpand