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A hotspot model for Iceland and the Vøring Plateau
The proximity of a hotspot to a spreading center may result in the channeling of atmosphere to the section of rise crest closest to the hotspot. This produces more basalt and thicker crust at theseExpand
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Continental rifting and the implications for plate tectonic reconstructions
Previous plate tectonic reconstructions have tried to recreate the pre-rifting (Pangea) configuration of the continents by matching contours or lineaments that are thought to represent theExpand
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Preferential rifting of continents: A source of displaced terranes
Lithospheric rifting, while prevalent in the continents, rarely occurs in oceanic regions. To explain this preferential rifting of continents, we compare the total strength of different lithospheresExpand
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Why the United States is becoming more vulnerable to natural disasters
The United States is becoming more vulnerable to natural hazards mostly because of changes in population and national wealth density—more people and more societal infrastructure have becomeExpand
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How continents break up
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The Earth's Hot Spots.
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Scientifically illiterate vs. politically clueless
  • G. Vink
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • 23 May 1997
Following the Soviet launch of Sputnik, Congress responded to the perceived technology gap in the United States by passing the National Defense Education Act that funded new science, math, andExpand
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Climate change and poverty : an integrated strategy for adaptation
Developing countries are most exposed to the impact of climate change and within these countries, the poor face the brunt of the burden. Climate change is not a discrete problem that can be dealtExpand
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Gonorrhoea in black women attending a gynaecological outpatient department.
  • G. Vink, J. Moodley
  • Medicine
  • South African medical journal = Suid-Afrikaanse…
  • 29 November 1980
The incidence of gonorrhoea in a survey of 100 Black patients attending the gynaecological outpatient department at King Edward VIII Hospital was 11%. The endocervix was the most common site ofExpand
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