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Can Sleep Be Used as an Indicator of Overreaching and Overtraining in Athletes?
1 Appleton Institute for Behavioural Science, School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences, Central Queensland University, Adelaide, SA, Australia, 2 Sport and Exercise Discipline Group, UniversityExpand
The effect of working on-call on stress physiology and sleep: A systematic review.
On-call work is becoming an increasingly common work pattern, yet the human impacts of this type of work are not well established. Given the likelihood of calls to occur outside regular work hours,Expand
Temporal and bidirectional associations between physical activity and sleep in primary school-aged children.
The directionality of the relationship between children's physical activity and sleep is unclear. This study examined the temporal and bidirectional associations between objectively measured physicalExpand
Fighting fire and fatigue: sleep quantity and quality during multi-day wildfire suppression
Abstract This study examined firefighters’ sleep quantity and quality throughout multi-day wildfire suppression, and assessed the impact of sleep location, shift length, shift start time and incidentExpand
Sleep Restriction during Simulated Wildfire Suppression: Effect on Physical Task Performance
Objectives To examine the effects of sleep restriction on firefighters’ physical task performance during simulated wildfire suppression. Methods Thirty-five firefighters were matched and randomlyExpand
Sleep quantity and quality is not compromised during planned burn shifts of less than 12 h
ABSTRACT Planned burning is a preventative strategy aimed at decreasing fuel loads to reduce the severity of future wildfire events. During planned burn operations, firefighters can work long shifts.Expand
How many days of monitoring are needed to reliably assess SenseWear Armband outcomes in primary school-aged children?
OBJECTIVES To identify the number of hours and days or nights of monitoring required to reliably estimate energy expenditure (EE), steps, waking sedentary time, light- (LPA), moderate- (MPA),Expand
Nutrition and Supplementation Considerations to Limit Endotoxemia When Exercising in the Heat
Exercise-induced heat production is further elevated by exercise performed in hot conditions and this can subsequently impact inflammation, and gastrointestinal (GI) health. Implementing nutritionExpand
The sleep architecture of Australian volunteer firefighters during a multi-day simulated wildfire suppression: Impact of sleep restriction and temperature.
Wildland firefighting exposes personnel to combinations of occupational and environmental stressors that include physical activity, heat and sleep restriction. However, the effects of these stressorsExpand
Understanding the Differing Impacts of On-Call Work for Males and Females: Results from an Online Survey
On-call work is prevalent worldwide and is associated with adverse outcomes, including disrupted sleep, impaired leisure time, and difficulties in mentally detaching from work. Limited studiesExpand