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The QCD axion, precisely
A bstractWe show how several properties of the QCD axion can be extracted at high precision using only first principle QCD computations. By combining NLO results obtained in chiral perturbationExpand
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Script N = 1 effective potential from dual type-IIA D6/O6 orientifolds with general fluxes
We consider = 1 compactifications of the type-IIA theory on the T6/(Z2 × Z2) orbifold and O6 orientifold, in the presence of D6-branes and general NSNS, RR and Scherk-Schwarz geometrical fluxes.Expand
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SusyHD: Higgs mass Determination in Supersymmetry
We present the state-of-the-art of the effective field theory computation of the MSSM Higgs mass, improving the existing ones by including extra threshold corrections. We show that, with thisExpand
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Twisted boundary conditions in lattice simulations
Abstract By imposing twisted boundary conditions on quark fields it is possible to access components of momenta other than integer multiples of 2 π / L on a lattice with spatial volume L 3 . We useExpand
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Low scale flavor gauge symmetries
We study the possibility of gauging the Standard Model flavor group. Anomaly cancellation leads to the addition of fermions whose mass is inversely proportional to the known fermion masses. In thisExpand
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Axions from strings: the attractive solution
A bstractWe study the system of axion strings that forms in the early Universe if the Peccei-Quinn symmetry is restored after inflation. Using numerical simulations, we establish the existence of anExpand
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Quantum horizons of the standard model landscape
The long-distance effective field theory of our Universe—the Standard Model coupled to gravity—has a unique 4D vacuum, but we show that it also has a landscape of lower-dimensional vacua, with theExpand
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Beyond twisted tori
Abstract Exploiting the fact that Kaluza–Klein monopoles and the associated generalized orbifold planes are sources for geometrical fluxes, ω , we show that the standard constraint ω ω = 0 , validExpand
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A Measure of de Sitter entropy and eternal inflation
We show that in any model of non-eternal inflation satisfying the null energy condition, the area of the de Sitter horizon increases by at least one Planck unit in each inflationary e-folding. ThisExpand
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Axion phenomenology and θ-dependence from Nf = 2 + 1 lattice QCD
A bstractWe investigate the topological properties of Nf = 2 + 1 QCD with physical quark masses, both at zero and finite temperature. We adopt stout improved staggered fermions and explore a range ofExpand
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