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A Fluid Mechanics Approach to the Labyrinth Seal Leakage Problem
The paper describes investigations of labyrinth seals carried out recently; derives new theoretical and semi-theoretical formulas for computation of the leakage which agree within 5 per cent with theExpand
The Essene writings from Qumran.
The Quest for the Historical Jesus
Jesus the Jew : a historian's reading of the Gospels
This now classic book is a significant corrective to several recent developments in the study of the historical Jesus. In contrast to depictions of Jesus as a wandering Cynic teacher, Geza VermesExpand
The Dead Sea Scrolls in English
This significantly expanded and revised fourth edition of the English translation of the Scrolls is now a combination of two books. Vermes has replaced nearly all of the original introduction with anExpand
The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English
Discovered on the northwest shore of the Dead Sea in the decade after the Second World War, the Dead Sea Scrolls are a historical and religious record of immense significance, altering ourExpand
The "Son of Man" Debate
A few days after my arrival in Oxford as newly elected Reader in Jewish Studies, the late Dr. F.L. Cross was kind enough to accept my last minute offer to read a paper before an international NewExpand
A Summary of the Law By Flavius Josephus
* This study of Josephus' abridgement of the Law forms part of the tribute to Professor J. Duncan M. Derrett which was presented to him in the previous number of Novum Testamentum. It is alsoExpand