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Hollywood in Homes: Crowdsourcing Data Collection for Activity Understanding
Computer vision has a great potential to help our daily lives by searching for lost keys, watering flowers or reminding us to take a pill. To succeed with such tasks, computer vision methods need toExpand
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Learning from Synthetic Humans
Estimating human pose, shape, and motion from images and videos are fundamental challenges with many applications. Recent advances in 2D human pose estimation use large amounts of manually-labeledExpand
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Long-Term Temporal Convolutions for Action Recognition
Typical human actions last several seconds and exhibit characteristic spatio-temporal structure. Recent methods attempt to capture this structure and learn action representations with convolutionalExpand
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BodyNet: Volumetric Inference of 3D Human Body Shapes
Human shape estimation is an important task for video editing , animation and fashion industry. Predicting 3D human body shape from natural images, however, is highly challenging due to factors suchExpand
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Learning Joint Reconstruction of Hands and Manipulated Objects
Estimating hand-object manipulations is essential for in- terpreting and imitating human actions. Previous work has made significant progress towards reconstruction of hand poses and object shapes inExpand
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Toward retail product recognition on grocery shelves
This paper addresses the problem of retail product recognition on grocery shelf images. We present a technique for accomplishing this task with a low time complexity. We decompose the problem intoExpand
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Efficient large-scale action recognition in videos using extreme learning machines
We describe a novel approach for large-scale action recognition from videos in a realistic setting.We represent each video by Fisher vector encoding computed on improved trajectory features.We useExpand
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Product placement detection based on image processing
Product positioning in stores is of importance for the manufacturers. With this aim, the placement on shelves is done according to some documents named planograms. To check whether the placement isExpand
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Extreme Learning Machine for Large-Scale Action Recognition
In this paper, we describe the method we applied for the action recognition task on the THUMOS 2014 challenge dataset. We study human action recognition in RGB videos through low-level features byExpand
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Tutoring Robots - Multiparty Multimodal Social Dialogue with an Embodied Tutor
This project explores a novel experimental setup towards building spoken, multi-modally rich, and human-like multiparty tutoring agent. A setup is developed and a corpus is collected that targets tExpand
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