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Soils and environmental quality
From the Contents: Introduction to Environmental Quality.- Introduction.- Environmentalism.- Studying the Environment: The Scientific Method.- Environmental Science and the General Public.- DefiningExpand
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Grazing Impacts on Soil Carbon and Microbial Communities in a Mixed‐Grass Ecosystem
Good management of rangelands promotes C sequestration and reduces the likelihood of these ecosystems becoming net sources of CO 2 . As part of an ongoing study, soil was sampled in 2003 toExpand
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Carbon mobilization from the forest floor under red spruce in the northeastern U.S.A.
Abstract Global climate change may alter soil temperature and moisture conditions, increasing the need to understand how these basic factors affect C dynamics. This is particularly important inExpand
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Selenium adsorption on Mg–Al and Zn–Al layered double hydroxides
Layered double hydroxides (LDHs) have high anion exchange capacities that enhances their potential to remove anionic contaminants from aqueous systems. In this study, different Mg–Al and Zn–Al LDHsExpand
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Characterization of Phosphorus in a Spruce-Fir Spodosol by Phosphorus-31 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Factors affecting the distribution and biogeochemical cycling of soil P are only partially understood. Many previous studies have focused on P distribution within surface mineral soils and cyclyng ofExpand
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BTEX sorption by organo-clays : cosorptive enhancement and equivalence of interlayer complexes
Aqueous organic contaminants, such as gasoline-derived aromatics, are effectively sorbed by organo-clays. Organo-clays were prepared from montmorillonite (SWy-1, SAz-1) and vermiculite (VSC) clayExpand
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Salinity induced effects on the nutrient status of soil, corn leaves and kernels
Abstract The effect of salinity in inducing soil macro and micronutrient deficiencies that can decrease crop growth was evaluated in a corn (Zea mays L.) field located in east central Wyoming. InExpand
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Chemical characteristics and acidity of soluble organic substances from a northern hardwood forest floor, central Maine, USA
Our understanding of the chemistry, structure, and reactions of organic substances in forest floor leachates is limited and incomplete. Therefore, we examined the organic and inorganic chemistry ofExpand
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Assessment of drip and flood irrigation on water and fertilizer use efficiencies for sugarbeets
Abstract Mismanagement of nitrogenous fertilizers has caused serious nitrate (NO3) contamination in many flood-irrigated regions of the western US. Low-volume irrigation practices, such as dripExpand
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Surfactant-enhanced adsorption of organic compounds by layered double hydroxides
Abstract Clay-based adsorbents were synthesized by incorporating anionic surfactants, sodium octylsulfate (SOS), sodium dodecylsulfate (SDS), sodium 4-octylbenzenesulfonate (SOBS), and sodiumExpand
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