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Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics
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Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics: Fundamentals and Large-Scale Circulation
Part I. Fundamentals of Geophysical Fluid Dynamics: 1. Equations of motion 2. Effects of rotation and stratification 3. Shallow water systems and isentropic coordinates 4. Vorticity and potentialExpand
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A Theory of Deep Stratification and Overturning Circulation in the Ocean
Abstract A simple theoretical model of the deep stratification and meridional overturning circulation in an idealized single-basin ocean with a circumpolar channel is presented. The theory includesExpand
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Energy spectra and coherent structures in forced two-dimensional and beta-plane turbulence
Results from a wide range of direct numerical simulations of forced-dissipative, differentially rotating two-dimensional turbulence are presented, in order to delineate the broad dependence of flowExpand
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Generation of Mean Flows and Jets on a Beta Plane and over Topography
Abstract This paper proposes and discusses mechanisms whereby mean flows and jets are produced by differential rotation and by topographic effects. It is shown that, in general, a mean gradient ofExpand
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Large-scale circulation with small diapycnal diffusion: The two-thermocline limit
The structure and dynamics of the large-scale circulation of a single-hemisphere, closed-basin ocean with small diapycnal diffusion are studied by numerical and analytical methods. The investigationExpand
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Eddy-zonal flow interactions and the persistence of the zonal index
Abstract An idealized atmospheric general circulation model is used to investigate the factors controlling the time scale of intraseasonal (10–100 day) variability of the extratropical atmosphere.Expand
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The Role of Bottom Vortex Stretching on the Path of the North Atlantic Western Boundary Current and on the Northern Recirculation Gyre
Abstract The mechanisms affecting the path of the depth-integrated North Atlantic western boundary current and the formation of the northern recirculation gyre are investigated using a hierarchy ofExpand
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Turbulent diffusion in the geostrophic inverse cascade
Motivated in part by the problem of large-scale lateral turbulent heat transport in the Earth's atmosphere and oceans, and in part by the problem of turbulent transport itself, we seek to betterExpand
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Large-Scale Circulation and Production of Stratification: Effects of Wind, Geometry, and Diffusion
The combined effects of wind, geometry, and diffusion on the stratification and circulation of the ocean are explored by numerical and analytical methods. In particular, the production of deepExpand
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