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The anatomy of unilateral neglect after right-hemisphere stroke lesions. A clinical/CT-scan correlation study in man
The anatomical correlates of extrapersonal visual neglect were investigated in 110 right-handed stroke patients with lesions confined to the right hemisphere. Neglect is much more frequentlyExpand
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Verbal and spatial immediate memory span: Normative data from 1355 adults and 1112 children
Norms are provided for verbal and visuo-spatial immediate memory span, two tasks widely used in the clinical assessment of short-term memory and its neurological disorders. Data have been collectedExpand
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Unawareness of disease following lesions of the right hemisphere: Anosognosia for hemiplegia and anosognosia for hemianopia
Unawareness of motor and visual-field defects was investigated in 97 right brain-damaged subjects. Both kinds of anosognosia were found to be double-dissociated from more elementary neurologicalExpand
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Shared Cortical Anatomy for Motor Awareness and Motor Control
In everyday life, the successful monitoring of behavior requires continuous updating of the effectiveness of motor acts; one crucial step is becoming aware of the movements one is performing. WeExpand
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Tre test clinici di ricerca e produzione lessicale
The present invention discloses a method and apparatus for applying patterning signals to electric patterning devices. Firstly, first electric signals are obtained from an object on which theExpand
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The neural basis of egocentric and allocentric coding of space in humans: a functional magnetic resonance study
Abstract. The spatial location of an object can be represented in the brain with respect to different classes of reference frames, either relative to or independent of the subject's position. We usedExpand
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Spatial cognition: evidence from visual neglect
Recent work on human attention and representational systems has benefited from a growing interplay between research on normal attention and neuropsychological disorders such as visual neglect.Expand
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Somatoparaphrenia: a body delusion. A review of the neuropsychological literature
A review of published brain-damaged patients showing delusional beliefs concerning the contralesional side of the body (somatoparaphrenia) is presented. Somatoparaphrenia has been reported, with aExpand
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Exploring the Articulatory Loop
A series of five experiments explore the influence of articulatory suppression on immediate memory for auditorily presented items with a view to testing the revised concept of an articulatory loop.Expand
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Spatial hemineglect in humans
  • G. Vallar
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Trends in Cognitive Sciences
  • 1 March 1998
The term `spatial hemineglect' refers collectively to disorders of spatial cognition, which concern specific sectors of space with reference to a given coordinate system. Patients with cerebralExpand
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