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Responses to electrical stimulation, noradrenaline, serotonin, and vasopressin in the isolated ear artery of the developing lamb and ewe.
Responses of isolated helical strips of ovine ear artery to electrical stimulation of postganglionic adrenergic neurons and exogenous agonists were studied at various stages of development from 110Expand
The effects of dopamine of blood pressure and heart rate of the unanesthetized fetal lamb.
The effects of dopamine on blood pressure and heart rate have been studied in continuously cannulated fetal lambs and adult sheep. Drugs were administered by direct intravenous injection into eitherExpand
Placental transfer of indomethacin in the rabbit and sheep.
The placental transfer of indomethacin was studied in the rabbit at 30 days of gestation and in the sheep between 120 and 135 days of gestation. Plasma concentrations of indomethacin reached aExpand
Fetal-maternal distribution of ovine alpha-fetoprotein.
The concentration of ovine alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) was determined in sheep fetal, maternal, and neonatal sera and amniotic fluid by radioimmunoassay. The fetal serum AFP concentration was highestExpand
Drug-metabolizing activity of the human placenta.
The drug-metabolizing activity of a 9000 × g supernatant fraction prepared from human placentae obtained immediately after birth was investigated. For comparative purposes a similar rat liverExpand
The inhibition and reactivation of human maternal and fetal plasma cholinesterase following exposure to the organophosphate, dichlorvos.
Abstract Spontaneous and chemically-induced reactivation of organophosphate-inhibited cholinesterase were studied using as an enzyme source plasma obtained from non-pregnant females, pregnant femalesExpand
The effect of amphetamine and related compounds on the concentration of adenine nucleotides, inorganic phosphate and creatine phosphate in the rat brain.
In the paper, "The Effect of Amphetamine and Related Compounds on the Concentration of Adenine Nucleotides, Inorganic Phosphate and Creatine Phosphate in the Rat Brain" by J. J. Lewis and Garry R.Expand
The effect of antidepressive drugs and some related compounds on the levels of adenine nucleotides, inorganic phosphate and phosphocreatine in the rat brain.
The effects upon levels of adenine nucleotides, phosphocreatine and inorganic phosphate of iproniazid, isoniazid, phenelzine, pheniprazine, tranylcypromine, harmine, imipramine, amitriptyline,Expand
The effects of prolactin on pulmonary maturation in the fetal rabbit.
The effect of ovine prolactin administration on the fetal rabbit pulmonary pressure volume relationship was determined. Using pentobarbital anesthesia, on Day 24 of gestation, a midline incision onExpand
Development of cardiovascular responses to sympathomimetic amines and autonomic blockage in the unanesthetized fetus.
The cardiovascular effects of phenylephrine or ephedrine alone and after autonomic blockade was studied in the chronically cannulated fetal lamb (100-145 days), the newborn lamb, and adult sheep. AsExpand