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Object shift as an A-movement rule
The fine structure of the comparative
The paper provides evidence for a more articulated structure of the comparative as compared with the one in Bobaljik (2012). We propose to split up Bobaljik's cmpr head into two distinct heads, C1Expand
Reconstruction and Vehicle Change
In his 1977 dissertation, Robert May proposes that structural semantic relations such as scope be expressed at a level of representation called Logical Form (LF). This level is derived fromExpand
Morphological transparency and the Delay of Principle B Effect
In L1 acquisition of English, Dutch, Russian, and Icelandic, children do not acquire Principle B until age 7–8, while in Italian, French, and German children no such delay is observed. Expand
IPP and the structure of participles
Modes of Being
Dissolving Binding Theory
1. Introduction 2. Binding, Agree, and the Elsewhere Principle 3. The Syntax of Simplex Reflexives 4. Self-Reflexives as Floating Quantifiers 5. Extending the Analysis 6. The Semantics of Simplex andExpand