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Structural features of the binding site of cholera toxin inferred from fluorescence measurements.
The dependence on pH of the fluorescence of cholera toxin and its A and B subunits has been studied at 25 degrees C and indicates that the tryptophan fluorescence is only moderately altered by ionizable groups displaying a pKa in the range 4 to 9. Expand
Identification of prenylcysteine carboxymethyltransferase in bovine adrenal chromaffin cells.
Effector studies showed that the methyltransferase activity varied depending on the concentration and chemical nature of the cations present, while divalent metallic ions displayed diverging inhibitory effects. Expand
Multiple differences between wild-type B16 melanoma cells and a wheat germ agglutinin resistant clone.
A low-metastatic, glycosylation-defective variant of the B16 murine melanoma was obtained by Tao and Burger (1977) through selection with wheat germ agglutinin and it was shown that the pattern of endogenous lectins was strikingly different, at least at the quantitative level. Expand
Multiple system atrophies. A neuropathological and neurochemical study.
A deficiency of the α-hydroxylating system is the most likely cause of this familial disorder with a similar clinical course characterized by an early onset and a very long duration provided adequate nursing care was available. Expand
RNA synthesis in isolated bovine thyroid nuclei and nucleoli. alpha-Amanitin effect, a hint to the existence of a specific regulatory system.
The alpha-amanitin induced drastic decrease of [3H]-UMP incorporation in RNA of all sizes synthesized by isolated bovine thyroid nuclei is discussed and its effect on all RNA classes produced is discussed. Expand
DNA-dependent RNA polymerases from bovine thyroid: catalytic properties and template specificities.
DNA-dependent RNA polymerases I and II have been purified starting from bovine thyroid nuclei yielding a purification factor of 230 and 3212, respectively, and polyamines were shown to enhance the rate of chain elongation. Expand
Identification and characterization of dolichyl dolichoate, a novel isoprenoic derivative in bovine thyroid.
Inspection of the TLC pattern of the neutral lipid fraction of bovine thyroid reveals, in addition to cholesteryl esters and dolichyl fatty acid esters, the presence of a not yet identified compoundExpand
Topography, purification and characterization of thyroidal NAD+ glycohydrolase.
Comparison of NAD(+) glycohydrolase activities of intact thyroid tissue slices, functional rat thyroid cells in culture (FRT(l)) and their respective homogenates indicated that most if not all of the enzyme (catalytic site) is accessible to extracellular NAD(+). Expand
Isolation and identification of polyprenols from bovine thyroid gland.
The presence of polyprenols in bovine thyroid was demonstrated and the structure was elucidated by chemical and spectroscopic techniques. Expand
Fluidity characteristics of bovine thyroid plasma membranes.
Under physiological conditions, no significant alterations in probe dynamics could be observed upon addition of thyrotropin or cholera toxin, even at micromolar concentrations. Expand