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Investigations of high-energy electrons of the microwave discharge plasma at configuration of the “Magnetor” Bi-dipole magnetic confinement system by X-ray radiation analyses
The results of the investigations of a group of fast electrons in a microwave discharge plasma in the “Magnetor” magnetic trap are presented. The data on the presence and location of this group ofExpand
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Effect of small additives of argon on the parameters of a non-uniform microwave discharge in hydrogen at reduced pressures
Results of experiments and two-dimensional self-consistent simulation show that small (1?5%) additives of argon inserted in a hydrogen strongly non-uniform microwave discharge (electrode microwaveExpand
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Plasma confinement by magnetic field with convex-concave field lines
It has been found that plasma confinement by the magnetic field of alternating-sign curvature with convex–concave field lines results in a strong stabilizing action against convectiveExpand
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Electrolytic capacitor cathode foil finishing by ion-plasma methods
The results from investigations of TiN protective coatings formed on nanostructured cathode foil by means of plasma magnetron technologies and under irradiation by nitrogen plasma of a high-frequencyExpand
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Hybrid Microwave-DC Discharge in Nitrogen at Reduced Pressures
The hybrid nonuniform microwave-DC discharge in nitrogen at pressure 1–15 Torr is studied by the method optical emission spectroscopy with spatial resolution. Discharge is ignited between theExpand
Effect of a DC external electric field on the properties of a nonuniform microwave discharge in hydrogen at reduced pressures
The effect of a dc external electrical field on the properties of a highly nonuniform electrode microwave discharge in hydrogen at a pressure of 1 Torr was studied using optical emission spectroscopyExpand
Plasma parameters distribution in the experimental model of the compact-dipole magnetic confinement device
Recent results of plasma confinement investigations in the compact double-dipole device Magnetor are presented. Two coaxial coils placed in the same plane with opposite currents create the poloidalExpand
Diagnostics of properties of capacitor foil with extended nanostructured surface
The results of the study of nanostructured titanium coating used for producing cathode foils of electrolytic capacitors with the best operating characteristics in the world are described. The coatingExpand
Spatial distribution of the electron component parameters in the nitrogen plasma of a low-pressure electrode microwave Discharge
Spatial distributions of charged particle concentration, electron temperature, and DC potential in an electrode microwave discharge in nitrogen at a pressure of 1 Torr have been measured using theExpand