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The Late Quaternary palaeogeography of mammal evolution in the Indonesian Archipelago
Abstract The Quaternary faunal evolution for the Indonesian Archipelago reflects the unique relationship of each island with SE Asian mainland. The recent sub faunas of Sundaland (Kalimantan,Expand
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Hominins on Flores, Indonesia, by one million years ago
Previous excavations at Mata Menge and Boa Lesa in the Soa Basin of Flores, Indonesia, recovered stone artefacts in association with fossilized remains of the large-bodied Stegodon florensisExpand
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Recent sediment transport and deposition in the Nazaré Canyon, Portuguese continental margin.
Processes, pathways and fluxes of sediment transport and deposition in the Nazare submarine canyon, Portuguese continental margin, were investigated by water column profiling of suspended particulateExpand
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Early stone technology on Flores and its implications for Homo floresiensis
In the Soa Basin of central Flores, eastern Indonesia, stratified archaeological sites, including Mata Menge, Boa Lesa and Kobatuwa (Fig. 1), contain stone artefacts associated with the fossilizedExpand
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Sediment distribution and transport at the nearshore zone of the Red River delta, Northern Vietnam
Abstract The coast between Ngason and Haiphong is largely formed by accretion of the Red River system. In the region, five main surface sediment types (sand, sandy silt, silt, mud and sand at shoals)Expand
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Patterns in Insular Evolution of Mammals: A Key to Island Palaeogeography
The clearest examples of dwarfism and gigantism on islands are found in the fossil record. They form part of unbalanced faunas, which attest that only a few non-volant mammals were able to reach theExpand
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River runoff reconstructions from novel spectral luminescence scanning of massive coral skeletons
Inshore massive corals often display bright luminescent lines that have been linked to river flood plumes into coastal catchments and hence have the potential to provide a long-term record ofExpand
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