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Interrelation between changes in the EEG and psychopathology under pharmacotherapy for endogenous depression. A contribution to the predictor question.
There is a statistically significant correlation between the EEG before treatment and the severity of AMP-documented psychopathology after a 4-week treatment period and this correlation was stronger for the left occipital region than for the right. Expand
Visuomotor performance of schizophrenic patients and normal controls in a picture viewing task
The main results are that schizophrenics differ from normals in their correlational pattern of fixation- and movement-related parameters, reflecting two opposite viewing styles in schizophrenics: staring and extensive scanning. Expand
A New Quantitative Approach to the Assessment of Stages of Vigilance as Defined by Spatiotemporal EEG Patterning
A relatively simple procedure which can be characterized as an attempt quantitatively to reconstruct visually, i.e., spatiotemporally defined patterns of vigilance, has been developed and has been demonstrated in psychopharmacological studies. Expand
Quantitative assessment of dynamic electroencephalogram (EEG) organization as a tool for subtyping depressive syndromes.
The findings lend support to the contention that the quantitative assessment of the dynamics of the EEG-Gestalt allows the delimitation of a clinically important subtype that is characterized both cross-sectionally and in long-term respects. Expand
Auditory evoked potentials as possible predictors of outcome in schizophrenic outpatients.
The results indicate that the interpeak latency P2F-N1F has an acceptable test/re-test reliability and is related to clinical variables characterizing the course and outcome of illness, which leads to the hypothesis that a short inter peak latency, P2f-N 1F, might be a predictor of poor prognosis. Expand
Decreased Level of EEG-Vigilance in Acute Mania as a Possible Predictor for a Rapid Effect of Methylphenidate: A Case Study
In two patients with recurrent manias the hypothesis was tested that the EEG may be used to predict the therapeutic response to methylphenidate, and patient A responded rapidly tomethylphenidate with a considerable reduction of symptoms and a clear increase of EVL. Expand
Interhemispheric functional relationships in auditory agnosia An analysis of the preconditions and a conceptual model
  • G. Ulrich
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Brain and Language
  • 1 May 1978
A conceptual model of interhemispheric functional relationships is developed and a statistically significant correlation between the side of the first insult and the predilective type of the syndrome, i.e., agnosia preferably for linguistic with respect to nonlinguistic material is revealed. Expand