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The Rise of African Slavery in the Americas
1. Slavery and freedom in the early modern world 2. The English, Dutch, and Transoceanic migration 3. Europeans and African slavery in the Americas 4. Gender and slavery in the Early Modern AtlanticExpand
The Slave Trade and Culture in the Bight of Biafra: An African Society in the Atlantic World
1. Introduction 2. The Aro in the Atlantic context: expansion and shifts, 1600s-1807 3. The trade diaspora in regional context: commercial organization in the era of expansion, 1740-1850 4. CultureExpand
The Atlantic Slave Trade and Population Density: A Historical Demography of the Biafran Hinterland
ResumeCet article traite de l’impact demographique du commerce transatlantique des esclaves sur l’arriere-pays du Golfe du Biafra, et de la repartition a l’interieur des regions des captifs destinesExpand
On the basis of identifying the likely geographic origins of African names extracted from the Sierra Leone Liberated African registers, this essay estimates the provenance of the transatlantic slaveExpand
The Roots of the African Diaspora: Methodological Considerations in the Analysis of Names in the Liberated African Registers of Sierra Leone and Havana*
Europe and the Americas have long dominated studies of transatlantic exchanges and much more is known about European participation in the Atlantic world than of its African counterpart. CurrentExpand
African conceptions of gender and the slave traffic.
Abolitionists Abroad: American Blacks in the Making of Modern West Africa
Acknowledgments Introduction The Transatlantic Corridor Antislavery Establishment Structures Antistructure The American Factor The Frame of Interpretation Historiography 1. The American SlaveExpand
Slavery in Non-Islamic West Africa, 1420–1820
INTRODUCTION Slavery was an ancient institution known to have been widespread in the Old World. As a part of the Old World, therefore, African societies practiced slavery; it would have been anExpand