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Tracheoplasty with pericardial patch for extensive tracheal stenosis in infants and children.
Five infants with long tracheal stenosis were operated upon by means of a pericardial patch tracheoplasty. The approach was through a median sternotomy with extracorporeal circulation for respiratoryExpand
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Anatomy and Development of the Cricoid
Whole organ serial-section study contributes to our understanding of neonatal intubation injury by demonstrating the previously undescribed “V” configuration of the posterior cricoid lamina; this mayExpand
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Congenital Laryngeal Anomalies Associated with Tracheal Agenesis
Forty-eight cases of tracheal agenesis have been reported to date. Previous authors have studied gross postmortem laryngeal specimens. Of 37 cases wherein laryngeal findings were mentioned, only 14Expand
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Infant Tracheotomy
The pediatric and neonatal tracheotomies done on our patients at Children's Memorial Hospital since 1975 have been reviewed. Patients' ages, birth weights, rates of complications, decannulations andExpand
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Paraglottic Laryngitis in Association with Epiglottitis
Infection of the supraglottic larynx is a well-recognized clinical entity in both adults and children. The anatomical relationships of the various components of the larynx have been studiedExpand
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LXVIII A Histological Method for the Study of the Spread of Carcinoma within the Larynx
  • G. Tucker
  • Medicine
  • The Annals of otology, rhinology, and laryngology
  • 1 September 1961
Since the late 19th century a considerable number of classifica­ tions of laryngeal carcinoma have been proposed. They range from simple ones, such as intrinsic versus extrinsic or vocal versusExpand
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Cleft Larynx with Airway Obstruction
Cleft larynx is a rare congenital anomaly becoming recognized and reported with increasing frequency. While it is most commonly associated with aspiration in newborns, airway obstruction can occur.Expand
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Cartilaginous tumors of the larynx. Clinical-pathologic study of ten cases.
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Innominate Artery Compression of the Trachea in Infants with Reflex Apnea
Compression of the trachea by an anomalous innominate artery in association with reflex apnea is a frequent cause of respiratory arrest in infants. Once considered, tracheoscopy is mandatory to ruleExpand
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Revision of the clinical staging system for cancer of the larynx
The system for classification of laryngeal cancer was revised following a field study of 19 participating cancer clinics and hospitals in the United States and the T.N.M. Committee of the U.I.C.C.Expand
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