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Milestones in the history of diabetes mellitus: The main contributors.
Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic diseases involving carbohydrate, lipid, and protein metabolism. It is characterized by persistent hyperglycemia which results from defects in insulinExpand
Blood pressure measurement: lessons learned from our ancestors.
The profound observations of William Harvey (1578-1657), in blood circulation and the progress of physical science laid the foundation for the development of the Iatrophysical School that contributedExpand
Mary Mallon (1869-1938) and the history of typhoid fever
Mary Mallon was born in 1869 in Ireland and emigrated to the US in 1884. She had worked in a variety of domestic positions for wealthy families prior to settling into her career as a cook. As aExpand
Galen's (130-201 AD) Conceptions of the Heart.
In the 2nd century AD, the prolific Greek physician Galen contributed significantly to the anatomical and physiological knowledge of the cardiovascular system. However his erroneous theory of bloodExpand
From miasmas to germs: a historical approach to theories of infectious disease transmission.
From miasma to germ theory we trace the evolution of conceptions in infectious disease transmission. Starting from the unproved theories of contagiousness we move on to miasma theory, contagionExpand
Malaria in Laconia, Greece, then and now: a 2500-year-old pattern.
BACKGROUND Malaria is still an active threat in many areas of the world. In Greece, in an area of the Laconia region, malaria epidemics have been recorded since as early as the 5(th) century BC. AExpand
Goiter in Ancient Greek art
The first official schools for nursing education in Greece: over a century of tradition.
The pressing need for educated nursing staff in Greece was first recognized by Queen Olga and Crown Princess Sofia, at the end of the nineteenth century with significant international aid.As aExpand
Trepanation Practices in Asclepieia: Systematizing a Neurosurgical Innovation.
BACKGROUND As ancient Greeks started looking for deities that could fulfill the pragmatic needs of common people, local heroes started being mythologized and worshipped through cults. METHODS TheExpand
Hallmarks in history of syphilis therapeutics.
At the end of the 15th century syphilis appeared in Europe as a devastating epidemic. For nearly four centuries mercury was regarded as a remedy of first-rate importance along with guaiac andExpand