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Integrating Compact Printed Antennas Onto Small Diversity/MIMO Terminals
The integration of compact printed multielement antenna (MEA) systems on small diversity and multiple input multiple output (MIMO) terminal devices operating in the 5.2 GHz industrial, scientific andExpand
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Analysis and design of an inverted-F antenna printed on a PCMCIA card for the 2.4 GHz ISM band
The development of small integrated antennas plays a significant role in the progress of rapidly expanding commercial communication applications. This paper addresses the analysis and design of anExpand
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A reduced size fractal rectangular curve patch antenna
A novel fractal rectangular curve microstrip antenna is investigated as an efficient scheme of miniaturization. Based on simulation results the element possesses good size reduction ability withoutExpand
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Ground plane effect on the performance of a printed Minkowski monopole antenna
This paper concentrates on a printed Minkowski monopole antenna that uses the ground plane as an active part of the radiating system. The effect of the antenna's placement on the input impedanceExpand
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Three-branch antenna diversity systems on wireless devices using various printed monopoles
Three-branch antenna diversity systems using various monopoles printed on wireless devices are demonstrated. The antenna elements used are the inverted F, the Koch and the Minkowski monopole.Expand
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Analysis of a modified Sierpinski gasket monopole antenna printed on dual band wireless devices
The traditional Sierpinski gasket monopole antenna is well known for its multiband behavior, but it cannot be printed on the circuit board of a portable wireless device due to the limited spaceExpand
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Four-element printed monopole antenna systems for diversity and MIMO terminal devices
Four-element antenna diversity systems suitable for operation in diversity and MIMO wireless devices for single (2.4 or 5.2 GHz) and dual band operation are addressed. The antenna elements used areExpand
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A printed folded Koch monopole antenna for wireless devices
6. CONCLUSION The experiment results show that in the 10-Gb/s transmission system through G.652 fiber with dispersion compensated completely by FBGs, the PMD dispersion compensation is not necessary.Expand
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Finite Element Modeling of Minkowski Monopole Antennas Printed on Wireless Devices
A novel monopole antenna element printed on the circuit board of a wireless device is presented. Following the Minkowski fractal curve along with folding techniques, the proposed element is anExpand
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Single and Multi Element Printed Minkowski Monopole Antennas for Portable Terminal Devices
UDK 621.396.67 IFAC IA 5.8.3;5.8.1 Original scientific paper In this paper a printed fractal Minkowski monopole is presented for use in wireless terminal devices utilizing single and multi elementExpand
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