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A randomized controlled trial of cognitive behavior therapy, relaxation training, and routine clinical care for the irritable bowel syndrome
OBJECTIVES:Psychological treatments are considered to be useful in the irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), although the evidence is based on small, often flawed trials. Although cognitive behaviorExpand
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Factor analysis of the components of 12 standard test batteries, for unilateral spatial neglect, reveals that they contain a number of discrete and important clinical variables.
The aim of this study was to investigate a conventional battery of tests capable of assessing the presence of the component and extent of the lesions in patients with unilateral spatial neglect.Expand
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The influence of bladder management on fertility in spinal cord injured males
Male infertility is a well recognised problem following spinal cord injury. The techniques of vibration induced ejaculation and transrectal electroejaculation have significantly increased theExpand
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Using Functional Independence Measure profiles as an index of outcome in the rehabilitation of brain-injured patients.
Rehabilitation preserves and restores everyday functions in people who have disabilities. Functional change for patients undergoing a rehabilitation program is the best measure of the effectivenessExpand
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Temporal regularity of tapping by the left and right hands in timed and untimed finger tapping.
The temporal characteristics of repetitive finger tapping by the left and right hands were examined in two experiments. In the first experiment, interresponse intervals (IRIs) were recorded whileExpand
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Lifestyle Factors Affecting Bone Ultrasonometry of the Calcaneus in Japanese Women
Abstract: Ultrasonometry is increasingly used to assess bone characteristics. A group of 1412 women with a mean age of 57 years attended a screening examination in a Japanese city. Seventy-fourExpand
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Functional outcome following thalamic haemorrhage: relationship between motor and cognitive functions and ADL.
Twenty-two patients with thalamic haemorrhage were examined to investigate the relationship between motor and cognitive function, and activities of daily living (ADL). Patients with unilateralExpand
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Neurological level effect on the discharge functional status of spinal cord injured persons after rehabilitation.
OBJECTIVE To determine the relation between neurological level and functional status, measured by individual Functional Independence Measure (FIM) item scores, at discharge after rehabilitation inExpand
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Is unilateral spatial neglect a single phenomenon?
Abstract The aim of this study is to report the preliminary findings of a traditional battery of tests and our original battery capable of assessing the presence of components and extent of lesionsExpand
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Apraxia and cerebral haemorrhage: the relationship between haematoma volume and prognosis
In this study, we examined twenty-five patients with left putaminal haemorrhage to investigate the relations between ideational apraxia (IA) and intracerebral haemorrhage. Apraxias were determined atExpand
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