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A Numerical Study
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Numerical Simulation of the Effects of Varying Ice Crystal Nucleation Rates and Aggregation Processes on Orographic Snowfall
Abstract The Colorado State University cloud model is applied to the simulation of orogrophic cloud snowfall. A model of ice crystal aggregation processes and primary nucleation and secondary iceExpand
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A Numerical Investigation of Several Factors Contributing to the Observed Variable Intensity of Deep Convection over South Florida
Abstract This study employs a revised version of the Colorado State University three-dimensional numerical cloud scale model to investigate the observed behavior of deep convection over South FloridaExpand
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A Nonhydrostatic Mesoscale Model Designed to Simulate Scale Interaction
Abstract A three-dimensional nonhydrostatic mesoscale model is presented that is designed to optimally represent the scale-interaction process among inertially balanced and unbalanced modes occurringExpand
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Retrieval of Latent Heating from TRMM Measurements
Rainfall is a fundamental process within the Earth's hydrological cycle because it represents a principal forcing term in surface water budgets, while its energetics corollary, latent heating, is theExpand
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International Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Program and Mission: An Overview
Eric A. Smith , Ghassem Asrar , Yoji Furuhama , Amnon Ginati , Christian Kummerow , Vincenzo Levizzani , Alberto Mugnai , Kenji Nakamura , Robert Adler , Vincent Casse , Mary Cleave , Michele DeboisExpand
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Numerical Study of an Observed Orogenic Mesoscale Convective System. Part 1: Simulated Genesis and Comparison with Observations
Abstract The interaction of topographically induced thermally and mechanically driven diurnal flow regimes in the lee of the Rockies is shown to lead to the growth of a mesoscale convective systemExpand
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Foundations for statistical-physical precipitation retrieval from passive microwave satellite measurements. I: Brightness-temperature properties of a time-dependent cloud-radiation model
Abstract A cloud-radiation model is used to investigate the relationship between emerging microwave brightness temperatures (TB's) and vertically distributed mixtures of liquid and frozenExpand
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The Influence of Blowing Snow and Precipitation on Snow Depth Change across the Ross Ice Shelf and Ross Sea Regions of Antarctica
Measuring snowfall in the polar regions is an issue met with many complications. Across the Antarctic, ground-based precipitation measurements are only available from a sparse network of mannedExpand
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An explicit three-dimensional nonhydrostatic numerical simulation of a tropical cyclone
SummaryA nonhydrostatic numerical simulation of a tropical cyclone is performed with explicit representation of cumulus on a meso-β scale grid and for a brief period on a meso-γ scale grid.Expand
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