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Supplementation of dormant tallgrass-prairie forage: I. Influence of varying supplemental protein and(or) energy levels on forage utilization characteristics of beef steers in confinement.
Three experiments were conducted to evaluate effects of supplemental protein vs energy level on dormant forage intake and utilization. In Exp. 1, 16 ruminally cannulated steers were blocked by weightExpand
Long-term effects of annual burning at different dates in ungrazed Kansas tallgrass prairie.
Ungrazed tallgrass prairie plots in the Kansas Flint Hills have been burned annually at 4 different dates since 1928. Time of burning markedly altered the physiognomy and was the crucial factorExpand
Moderation of ruminal fermentation by ciliated protozoa in cattle fed a high-grain diet.
The objective of this study was to assess the influence of ciliated protozoa on ruminal fermentation in cattle fed high-grain diets. Six ruminally cannulated steers fed a corn-based grain diet (85%Expand
Ruminal ciliated protozoa in cattle fed finishing diets with or without supplemental fat.
Ruminal samples were collected at slaughter from 364 unfasted steers fed different finishing diets to obtain information on numbers and species distribution of ciliated protozoa in feedlot cattle.Expand
Ruminal ciliated protozoa in bison.
Ruminal contents from 79 slaughtered bison and 2 ruminally cannulated bison were collected to obtain information on total numbers and species distribution of ciliated protozoa. The bison originatedExpand
Cytokinins effect on protein and chlorophyll content of big bluestem leaves Andropogon gerardi, forage quality.
Four concentrations of the synthetic cytokinin benzyladenine (BA) were applied to ungrazed tallgrass prairie near Manhattan, Kans., in 1979 on 4 biweekly dates beginning in mid-June. Changes inExpand
Dynamics of ruminal ciliated protozoa in feedlot cattle.
Fluctuations in ciliated protozoan concentrations were monitored in 40 individually fed crossbred heifers that were stepped up to an 85% concentrate diet either slowly (12 days) or rapidly (3 days),Expand
Omasal ciliated protozoa in cattle, bison, and sheep.
Omasal contents were collected from slaughtered cattle (n = 54), bison (n = 15), and sheep (n = 40) to determine numbers and generic distribution of ciliated protozoa. Total protozoan numbers wereExpand
Comparisons of ruminal fermentation characteristics and microbial populations in bison and cattle.
Ruminal microbial populations, fermentation characteristics, digestibility, and liquid flow rates in two ruminally cannulated bison and two ruminally cannulated Hereford steers fed a prairie hay dietExpand
Ruminal ciliated protozoa in bison.
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