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Monoamine oxidase inhibitors in South American hallucinogenic plants: tryptamine and beta-carboline constituents of ayahuasca.
The levels of DMT and beta-carbolines found in the ayahuasca samples examined in the present study were an order of magnitude greater than the levels reported in a previous study, which indicated that their effects in combination are additive, rather than synergistic or antagonistic. Expand
Antitumor sterols from the mycelia of Cordyceps sinensis.
The glycosylated form of ergosterol peroxide was found to be a greater inhibitor to the proliferation of K562, Jurkat, WM-1341, HL-60 and RPMI-8226 tumor cell lines by 10 to 40% at 10 micrograms/ml than its previously identified aglycone. Expand
Biological activity of limonoids from the rutales
This review summarizes the literature on the biological activities of limonoid of known structure, and attempts to relate those activities to current concepts of the evolution of the limonoids. Expand
Antiviral screening of British Columbian medicinal plants
Abstract One hundred methanolic plant extracts were screened for antiviral activity against seven viruses. Twelve extracts were found to have antiviral activity at the non-cytotoxicExpand
Antiviral and antimicrobial activities of Colombian medicinal plants.
It is concluded that these Colombian medicinal plants represent an untapped source of potentially useful antivirals and are worthy of further study. Expand
Antimicrobial activities of southern Nepalese medicinal plants.
Two of the most active extracts were from plants used to treat diarrhoea and dysentery, and the antibiotic or antifungal effect of five extracts was enhanced upon exposure to light. Expand
Screening of selected medicinal plants of Nepal for antimicrobial activities.
In an ethnopharmacological screening of selected medicinal plants used in Nepal, methanol extracts from 21 plant species were assayed for activity against 8 strains of bacteria and 5 strains ofExpand
Inhibition of Taq DNA polymerase by seaweed extracts from British Columbia, Canada and Korea
The methanol fraction of Sargassum confusum and the water fraction of Fucus gardneri (mid–intertidal) have been found to inhibit PCR at level as low as 0.5 µg in 25µL of PCR reaction mixture. Expand
Biological activities of sesquiterpene lactones
A review of the present state of knowledge on the biological activities and mechanism of action of some sesquiterpene lactones highlighted in Compositae and other angiosperm families and even in some liverworts. Expand
Biological activities of lignans
This review summarizes what is presently known about the biological activities of lignans and specifically inhibit certain enzymes in angiosperms and gymnosperms. Expand