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Antiviral activity of glycyrrhizic acid derivatives against SARS-coronavirus.
Amides of GL and conjugates of GL with two amino acid residues and a free 30-COOH function presented up to 70-fold increased activity against SARS-CoV but also increased cytotoxicity resulting in decreased selectivity index.
Chlorine-Containing Sesquiterpenes of Higher Plants
The structures of chlorine-containing sesquiterpenes produced by higher plants and data on the biological activity of some compounds are presented.
Antioxidant and endothelium-stabilizing effects of simvaglyzin on rabbits with experimental hypercholesterolemia
Simvaglyzin, a complex compound of simvastatin and glycyrrhizic acid, administered to rabbits with experimental hypercholesterolemiain in doses equivalent to 66.6 and 40 µg/kg simvastatin exhibited
1H and13C spectra of biologically active compounds X. Two-dimensional HH COSY 45° and CH HET CORR spectra of the 18α- and 18β-isomers of glycyrrhetic acid 3-acetate
An assignment of1H and13C NMR signals has been made by the methods of homonuclear two-dimensional spectroscopy, HH COSY (45°), and heteronuclear correlation spectroscopy, CH HET CORR. It has been
A prototype prophylactic anti-influenza preparation in aerosol form on the basis of Abies sibirica polyprenols.
It was shown that the mode of action of this immunomodulating preparation was nonspecific stimulation of immune cells' various activities.
Inhibition of HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase by Aryl-Substituted Naphto- and Anthraquinones
The goal of this work was to study the inhibitory effects of a series of new aryl-substituted anthra- and naphtoquinones on HIV-1 recombinant RT (both wildtype and mutant, which carries substitutions from quinone derivatives).
Study of cholesterol-lowering effect and safety of simvaglisin on rabbit model of hypercholesterolemia
Using rabbit model of experimental hypercholesterolemia we showed that the hypocholesterolemic effect of simvaglisin, a complex preparation containing simvastatin and glycyrrhizic acid, in doses
Natural Halogenated Alkaloids
Structures of more than 230 natural halogenated (chlorine-, bromine- and iodine-containing) alkaloids isolated from cyanobacteria, plants, fungi, sea algae and invertebrates, and data on their
[The anti-HIV activity of beta-glycyrrhizic acid].
Beta-glycyrrhizic acid and its derivatives were shown to effectively inhibit HIV-1 reproduction in MT-4 cells and the antiviral effect of beta-GA sodium salt exceeded that of AZT in cells GKV 4005.
Effect of Intramuscularly Injected Polyprenols on Influenza Virus Infection in Mice
Emulsions of polyprenols that have relatively low hydrophilic-lipophilic balance, inhibit influenza virus infection in mice through a modulation of the host immune response.