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On the Applicability of ATR-FTIR Microscopy to Evaluate the Blending between Neat Bitumen and Bituminous Coating of Reclaimed Asphalt
The utilization of Reclaimed Asphalt (RA) in the road construction sector induces considerable economic and ecological benefits. The blending of the recycled material with new components is believed
Alternative Filler Recovery from Paper Waste Stream
Abstract The study is a first investigation of the feasibility to preserve recycled fillers (e.g. calcium carbonate, kaolin) from deinking paper sludge for newspaper production using an alternative
Estimation of hydrogen peroxide effectivity during bleaching using the Kappa number
The bleaching of wood fibres using hydrogen peroxide is the primary process to produce paper with suitable brightness. Several studies were made to define the hydrogen peroxide consumption and the
Expanding the Chemical Space of Benzimidazole Dicationic Ionic Liquids
Benzimidazole dicationic ionic liquids (BDILs) have not yet been widely explored in spite of their potential. Therefore, two structurally related families of BDILs, paired with either bromide or
Separation and recovery of lignin and hydrocarbon derivatives from cardboard
This study investigates the feasibility of acid precipitation for the separation and recovery of lignin and hydrocarbon derivatives from the waste stream of the alkali extraction of recycled
Soil stress assessment can prevent corrosion, reduce pipeline coating damage
Causes of soil stresses acting on pipe coating are discussed. From a geotechnical viewpoint, the authors classify soil stresses as: those acting along the longitudinal direction due to pipeline