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HIV-1 Nef Downregulates MHC-I by a PACS-1- and PI3K-Regulated ARF6 Endocytic Pathway
The HIV-1 Nef-mediated downregulation of cell surface MHC-I molecules to the trans-Golgi network (TGN) enables HIV-1 to escape immune surveillance. However, the cellular pathway used by Nef toExpand
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PACS-1 Defines a Novel Gene Family of Cytosolic Sorting Proteins Required for trans-Golgi Network Localization
We report the role of one member of a novel gene family, PACS-1, in the localization of trans-Golgi network (TGN) membrane proteins. PACS-1 directs the TGN localization of furin by binding to theExpand
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HIV-1 Nef protein binds to the cellular protein PACS-1 to downregulate class I major histocompatibility complexes
Major-histocompatibility-complex (MHC) proteins are used to display, on the surface of a cell, peptides derived from foreign material — such as a virus — that is infecting that cell. Cytotoxic TExpand
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Rapamycin suppresses 5′TOP mRNA translation through inhibition of p70s6k
Treatment of mammalian cells with the immunosuppressant rapamycin, a bacterial macrolide, selectively suppresses mitogen‐induced translation of an essential class of mRNAs which contain anExpand
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Human furin is a calcium-dependent serine endoprotease that recognizes the sequence Arg-X-X-Arg and efficiently cleaves anthrax toxin protective antigen.
Previous work demonstrated that human furin is a predominantly Golgi membrane-localized endoprotease that can efficiently process precursor proteins at paired basic residues (-Lys-Arg- or -Arg-Arg-)Expand
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Intracellular trafficking and activation of the furin proprotein convertase: localization to the TGN and recycling from the cell surface.
Furin is a membrane‐associated endoprotease that efficiently cleaves precursor proteins on the C‐terminal side of the consensus sequence, Arg‐X‐Lys/Arg‐Arg1, and has been proposed to catalyze theseExpand
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Ewing sarcoma 11;22 translocation produces a chimeric transcription factor that requires the DNA-binding domain encoded by FLI1 for transformation.
The 11;22 chromosomal translocation specifically linked to Ewing sarcoma and primitive neuroectodermal tumor results in a chimeric molecule fusing the amino-terminal-encoding portion of the EWS geneExpand
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Influenza virus hemagglutinin with multibasic cleavage site is activated by furin, a subtilisin‐like endoprotease.
Many viruses have membrane glycoproteins that are activated at cleavage sites containing multiple arginine and lysine residues by cellular proteases so far not identified. The proteases responsibleExpand
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PACS‐1 binding to adaptors is required for acidic cluster motif‐mediated protein traffic
PACS‐1 is a cytosolic protein involved in controlling the correct subcellular localization of integral membrane proteins that contain acidic cluster sorting motifs, such as furin and humanExpand
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The principal target of rapamycin‐induced p70s6k inactivation is a novel phosphorylation site within a conserved hydrophobic domain.
The immunosuppressive agent rapamycin induces inactivation of p70s6k with no effect on other mitogen‐activated kinases. Here we have employed a combination of techniques, including mass spectrometry,Expand
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