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Wide-Area Implementation of the Message Passing Interface
This article describes an MPI implementation that incorporates solutions to the heterogeneity of both the underlying physical infrastructure and the software environment at different sites and presents performance results for this implementation on multicomputers and networked systems.
Reflective remote method invocation
Reflective RMI (RRMI) is an open RMI implementation which makes better use of the object-oriented features of Java and directly employs the reflection capabilities of the current Java language to invoke methods remotely.
Low-Power Computer Vision: Status, Challenges, and Opportunities
The state of the art for low-power solutions to detect objects in images is examined to suggest directions for research as well as opportunities forLow-power computer vision.
A Virtual Computing Laboratory
An approach that builds on existing virtualization technologies, which is both painstaking and limiting in terms of keeping software up to date, is described.
A Benchmarking Study to Evaluate Apache Spark on Large-Scale Supercomputers
An effective benchmark is developed to measure the performance characteristics of these tasks using both types of systems, specifically comparing MPI/C-based analyses with Spark and demonstrates that technologies such as Spark show promise for data analysis needs in a traditional clustering/supercomputing environment.
Integrating Mathematics and Educational Robotics: Simple Motion Planning
This paper shows how students can be guided to integrate elementary mathematical analyses with motion planning for typical educational robots using just simple linear regression tools and trigonometric analyses.
Comparison of Visual Datasets for Machine Learning
A new approach is presented creating datasets using real-time, geo-tagged visual data, greatly improving the contextual information of the data and investigates object detection labels with respect to size, location, and contextual information.
High Performance Java Platform Computing
This book emphasizes programming techniques and packages for high-end computing and discusses how monitors are adequate for solving many problems in concurrency, particularly the so-called classical synchronization problems, which have been well documented in operating-systems textbooks.
Java on networks of workstations (JavaNOW): a parallel computing framework inspired by Linda and the Message Passing Interface (MPI)
Networks of workstations are a dominant force in the distributed computing arena, due primarily to the excellent price/performance ratio of such systems when compared to traditionally massively