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FT-Raman spectral analysis of human urinary stones.
In the present study, FT-Raman spectral method is used to investigate the chemical composition of urinary calculi multi-components such as calcium oxalate, hydroxyl apatite, struvite and uric acid. Expand
Chemical composition and binary mixture of human urinary stones using FT-Raman spectroscopy method.
In the present study the human urinary stones were observed in their different chemical compositions and Fourier Transform-Raman spectroscopy was used for the quantitative analysis and calibration curve is used for further analysis of binary mixture of human urinary Stones. Expand
FT-IR spectral studies on certain human urinary stones in the patients of rural area.
Quantitative analyses of urinary stones show that calcium oxalate monohydrate (40%), apatite (30%), magnesium ammonium phosphate (23%) and uric acid (7%) are present in all the urinary stone samples. Expand
FT-IR spectroscopic, thermal analysis of human urinary stones and their characterization.
The present study suggests that the Urolithiasis is significant health problem in children, and is very common in some parts of the world, especially in India. Expand
Investigation on industrial area soil from Karaikal, Puducherry State using FT-IR, XRD, SEM and Thermal analyses
FT-IR, XRD, SEM and TG–DTA analyticalstudies have been carried out to investigate the chemical compositions of soil samples. Soil samples were collected from an industrial environment at Karaikal,Expand
Structural and optical studies of pHEMA encapsulated ZnS:Ni²⁺ nanoparticles.
Novel luminescence properties have been observed for uncapped and pHEMA capped ZnS nanoparticles and its influence on photoluminescence behavior has been thoroughly analyzed. Expand