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The NRAO VLA Sky Survey
?????The NRAO VLA Sky Survey (NVSS) covers the sky north of J2000.0 ? = -40? (82% of the celestial sphere) at 1.4 GHz. The principal data products are (1) a set of 2326 4? ? 4? continuum cubes with
CRATES: An All-Sky Survey of Flat-Spectrum Radio Sources
We have assembled an 8.4 GHz survey of bright, flat-spectrum ({alpha} > -0.5) radio sources with nearly uniform extragalactic (|b| > 10{sup o}) coverage for sources brighter than S{sub 4.8 GHz} = 65
The relation between accretion rate and jet power in X-ray luminous elliptical galaxies
Using Chandra X-ray observations of nine nearby, X-ray luminous elliptical galaxies with good optical velocity dispersion measurements, we show that a tight correlation exists between the Bondi
Binary Population and Spectral Synthesis Version 2.1: Construction, Observational Verification, and New Results
Abstract The Binary Population and Spectral Synthesis suite of binary stellar evolution models and synthetic stellar populations provides a framework for the physically motivated analysis of both the
The Coma cluster magnetic field from Faraday rotation measures
Aims. The aim of the present work is to constrain the Coma cluster magnetic field strength, its radial profile and power spectrum by comparing Faraday rotation measure (RM) images with numerical
A very deep Chandra observation of the Perseus cluster: shocks, ripples and conduction
We present the first results from a very deep Chandra X-ray observation of the core of the Perseus cluster of galaxies. A pressure map reveals a clear thick band of high pressure around the inner
A Compact Supermassive Binary Black Hole System
We report on the discovery of a supermassive binary black hole system in the radio galaxy 0402+379, with a projected separation between the two black holes of just 7.3 pc. This is the closest black
Chandra imaging of the complex X-ray core of the Perseus cluster
ABSTRACT We report subarcsec-resolution X-ray imaging of the core ofthe Perseus cluster around thegalaxy NGC1275 with the Chandra X-ray Observatory. The ROSAT-discovered holes asso-ciated with the
A deep Chandra observation of the Perseus cluster: shocks and ripples
We present preliminary results from a deep observation lasting almost 200 ks of the centre of the Perseus cluster of galaxies around NGC 1275. The X-ray surface brightness of the intracluster gas