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Science with the space-based interferometer LISA. IV: probing inflation with gravitational waves
We investigate the potential for the LISA space-based interferometer to detect the stochastic gravitational wave background produced from different mechanisms during inflation. Focusing onExpand
Weakly-coupled IIA flux compactifications
We study compactifications of type IIA string theory on Calabi-Yau manifolds that are mirror to a subset of the type IIB LARGE-volume models. A combination of flux, α' corrections andExpand
Cosmic acceleration from Abelian symmetry breaking
A bstractWe discuss a consistent theory for a self-interacting vector field, breaking an Abelian symmetry in such a way to obtain an interesting behavior for its longitudinal polarization. In anExpand
Lifshitz solutions in supergravity and string theory
We derive Lifshitz configurations in string theory for general dynamical exponents z ≥ 1. We begin by obtaining simple Li × Ω solutions to supergravities in diverse dimensions, with Ω a compactExpand
Cosmology of bigravity with doubly coupled matter
We study cosmology in the bigravity formulation of the dRGT model where matter couples to both metrics. At linear order in perturbation theory two mass scales emerge: an hard one from the dRGTExpand
Warped brane worlds in six dimensional supergravity
We present warped compactification solutions of six-dimensional su- pergravity, which are generalizations of the Randall-Sundrum (RS) warped brane world to codimension two and to a supersymmetricExpand
Scale dependence of local fNL
We consider possible scale-dependence of the non-linearity parameter fNL in local and quasi-local models of non-Gaussian primordial density perturbations. In the simplest model where the primordialExpand
A pr 2 01 1 Strong interactions and exact solutions in non-linear massive gravity
We investigate strong coupling effects in a covariant massive gravity model, which is a candidate for a ghost-free non-linear completion of Fierz-Pauli. We analyse the conditions to recover generalExpand
Towards Minkowski vacua in type II string compactifications
We study the vacuum structure of compactifications of type II string theories on orientifolds with SU(3) × SU(3) structure. We argue that generalised geometry enables us to treat these non-geometricExpand
Degenerate higher order scalar-tensor theories beyond Horndeski up to cubic order
A bstractWe present all scalar-tensor Lagrangians that are cubic in second derivatives of a scalar field, and that are degenerate, hence avoiding Ostrogradsky instabilities. Thanks to the existenceExpand